CPP upper-level students share valuable tips and resources for incoming freshmen

By Samantha Padilla and Brandon Cummings, Oct. 4, 2022

As a first-year college student, college can become overwhelming, considering it’s a whole new environment and one step closer to adulting. With one month of the semester done and midterms coming up, Cal Poly Pomona upper-level students share some helpful tips and resources that current incoming first-year students can utilize to make their college experience more accessible. 


Michael Akosah | nutrition and health student

“A good place to find helpful recourses is the Student Success Central, which is an online resource where several resources are listed such as advising/academic resources and the academic calendar, as well as several other valuable resources.” 







Leslie Perez | psychology student

“I would advise you to keep track of all your assignments and due dates and talk to the professor if you don’t understand something. I feel like many people are probably just scared to approach the professor or even classmates.”







Wendy Sandoval | architecture student

“I like scheduling time with my peers and friends to work on projects and homework because it helps me keep myself accountable and keep each other accountable. Even when life gets super crazy or many things are just on my plate, I like having a scheduled time to work on homework.”  







Deshol John | business technology and operations management student

I would say time management is a big one to manage your time properly and then prioritize. I know it to be a little bit enticing sometimes when friends say they want to get together for taco Tuesday. But we need to make sure school becomes a priority before going out with friends. 






Mariela Gomez | general music student

“The Learning Resource Center helped me, and I wish I had done it sooner because I struggled academically and received the extra help I needed. Another tip I would advise is to review the PowerPoint slides before class and get a general understanding of what the lesson will look like for that day.” 






Emil Rogers | computer information systems student

“One thing I will say is finding study groups and networking with people in your major. Build relationships with people in your classes. It will certainly make things easier if you get things done together. Do not stress too much about exams like midterms. Just find time to prepare properly, and you will be fine.” 






David Obah | electrical engineering student

“Stay on top of your work and consistently attend your classes. Show up to class so you can always be aware of what is happening regarding lectures and PowerPoints. Also, do not be afraid to use campus resources. You can schedule appointments, and they can help you with whatever you need help with. Stay on top of your work, and always ask for help. There are multiple resources here on campus to help you. 





Aaron Romero | electrical engineering student

“You are going to have interesting professors. Some may be hard on you but keep your head up. As far as study tips are concerned, do not burn yourself out. School can be a lot, and we can get caught up in so much. Remember to take breaks here and there and have fun while learning.”  






Nick Gutjahr | economics student

“I personally try to take good notes on my iPad, so I try to make as many notes as possible during the lectures. I also study the slides, look at the PowerPoints and do my small maps where I have every topic. I structure it that way, so my advice would be to structure it like a map. If you look up a country or different states, you have different areas, so every subject is divided into different topics.  





Richard Arce | social work student

“I would advise making friends in each course, creating study groups, helping one another and using campus resources for extra help. Sometimes it’s hard balancing our school and personal life, but as long as you create balance, you’ll be fine. Remember that it’ll be worth it in the end, and don’t stress the small stuff.” 







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