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ASI kicks off first Flick N’ Float of the school year

By Deena Wicker, Oct. 4, 2022

ASI hosted its fall Flick N’ Float on Sept. 30, providing a taco truck and showing the film, Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Flick N’ Float, organized at least twice every school year, is a way for students to decompress from the transition between summer break and fall semester. The event entails food catering, an open BRIC pool area, a variety of games and a film-viewing set-up.  

According to Kaycee Martin, associate director of campus recreational programs, the event’s first round of registration filled up quickly following its announcement on ASI’s Instagram page. When the organizing team decided to extend registration to an extra 25 spots, they were happy to learn that the extension filled up just as promptly.  

“I think especially because there’s food provided, free blankets for the first 50 attendees, then games and the movie showing, it’s a really fun opportunity to be able to come out and enjoy a movie on the pool deck,” said Martin.  

During the event, registered students sat on large, colorful lawn chairs to watch Guardians of the Galaxy with a variety of tacos, drinks and blankets. Those who were not watching the movie found their own ways to kick back with aquatic activities, chatting in the hammocks, giant connect four or enjoying food with friends at the patio tables.  

Though most attendees usually arrive with friends, some students find the chance to make new connections through these social events. Economics student and BRIC lifeguard Hannah Varshochi sat with a large group of people at the hammocks for the rest of the evening, telling the Poly Post that she had met most of them at the event. 

“I met them like, an hour ago.” Said Varshochi.  “We’re communicating, you know, building connections, developing networking opportunities.” 

Deena Wicker | The Poly Post

Alongside attending students, many employees were also able to enjoy the event’s atmosphere and all it had to offer. After setting up chairs, games, and the key log a giant cylinder toy on which students can roll around in the water electronic systems and engineering technology student and aquatics instructor Alan Torres indulged in the key log, some food and the student community.  

While Flick N’ Float’s attendance is back in full swing this year, the height of the pandemic caused a dip in participation prior to the full reopening of campus. Torres notes during that time, many of the ASI event participants were mostly students who lived on campus, which led to lower attendance due to limited students living on campus during virtual instruction .  

However, as campus has returned to full accommodation, Torres notices a rise in attendance numbers similar to what ASI events used to bring in.  

“I haven’t seen a Flick N’ Float with this many people in a while. It’s a good amount of attendance here, Torres said. 

Aquatics manager Alejandra Gomez also agrees that student appearances at social events are at even higher in numbers than before, seemingly due to students making up for the lack of interaction that many endured during quarantine.  

Because one of ASI’s main goals is to provide CPP students with a place of belonging, Gomez and her team are taking these new numbers into high regard and constantly working to cater to their diverse attendees. In return, these events illustrate the BRIC as not only a gym, but a recreational area for students with several types of interests to utilize.  

“I don’t want this to be like, you see a stereotypical gym and it’s all about fitness. No, we’re more than that,” Gomez said. “Come out here, enjoy yourselves. I think in general, you just gotta find your groove; it’s just another area to do what you’d normally do in the library or in the Bronco Commons.” 

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