It’s time to ‘BeReal’ at CPP: students share thoughts on new app

By Connie Lee, Sept. 20, 2022

BeReal is a new social media application that allows users to capture and share one photo every day at a different time. This latest app lets participants take a photo at a random time of the day using the front and back camera of their device. The camera shows a two-minute count down leaving the users a set time to capture their moments. BeReal is currently the No. 1 downloaded app on the Apple App Store as of Sept. 2022. CPP students share their thoughts on the new popular app.

Juliana Arias | political science student

“I feel like when BeReal first came out I like it, but now I feel like it is a little fake. I like having the app because I enjoy having close friends and see what they are doing throughout the day. I got this app after my friends and coworkers started using it. I try to post right when the notification comes up, but sometimes I am busy. I would say my BeReals are perfectly real.”






Lizbeth Lopez | political science student

“I think that this app is a good way to keep in touch with your friends. I like that my friends and I can share what we are doing at our own time with a single picture. My friends influenced me to download this app after they reposted their BeReals on Instagram.”





Julian Perez | finance student

“I think it is a fun idea to get you and all your friends to post at the same time. It is nice to just see an unfiltered photo of your friends unlike Instagram and Snapchat. I like it because it is an easy and fun app to use. To see what your friends are doing at the same time is just an overall fun idea. My dance team on campus has a partnership with BeReal right now, so every new member we have on the app, we receive a nice donation from the organization. I try to post right when the notification comes up most of the time, but if I am driving or if I know I am going to be doing something eventful later in the day I might delay my post.”



Eliana Rodriguez | English education student

“BeReal is a fun app that is easy to manage and is a way to get a glimpse of everyone’s day to day routine. I enjoy the app because it tries to stray away from what a stereotypical picture app is supposed to be. For example, no one really worries about applying a certain filter or making sure what they are doing is ‘cool.’ It is meant to be more natural, easy going and a fun way to see what my friends are up to at certain times of the day. I try to post when the notification comes up but if I am in class I will wait until after. I think having the notification there just gives me a reminder to post when I am able to if I can’t right then and there.”



Victoria Bandera | biotechnology student

“I honestly really like BeReal and think it is a very creative app that allows people to connect and see what people are up to. I like how it goes off at random times throughout the day and you never know when it is going to go off. I like it because it is a funny app that catches people off guard with whatever they are doing at the exact moment the notification goes off. As well as being around other people that also have BeReal and seeing everyone’s excitement to post at the same time when together. I downloaded the very early on and was just told by one of my friends to get it as a joke. I usually try to post as close as possible to when the notification goes off.”



Vincent Serrato | sociology student

“I enjoy this new app because it’s a way for me to see all my friends in action at a different time of day every day. This app is fun and have people active on it compared to other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat where people are not active every day, posting their daily lives. I enjoy BeReal because it’s a way for me to see what my friends are up to. I don’t stay in contact with all my friends, so this app helps me connect with my mutuals and react to their pictures. I downloaded this app because it was trending on TikTok, and I saw people posting their BeReal pictures on Instagram. It looked like a fun way to be social since it takes a picture from both the front camera and back camera of my phone. It depends whether I post right when the notification comes up. Sometimes I’m at work, working out or in class so I wait until I’m done doing what is important to take a picture of what I am doing next.”


Caroline Macias | psychology student

“I personally do not see the need for it. I also find it hard to post on time because I am always in class, but I guess the fun part is trying to post on time. I like it because of that reason to be able to post at the same time as everyone else. My friends influenced me to get this app.”






Eden Lee | animal science pre-vet student

“I really like the app because it is a nice form of social media that is not toxic, and you are able to see what your friends are up to. It is a new form of social media that does not make people stress about likes and instead just a fun app to keep up with what your friends are doing. My friends told me to get this app.”






Andrew Do | kinesology student

“BeReal is a great app to keep in contact with friends without conversating or the picture being superficial. I think that it is a rare form of social media that makes me feel connected with everyone else. My friends who have the app persuaded me to use it and we try to post within a minute of receiving the notification.”






Jonathan Medina | political science student

“I think BeReal is super fun and a great way to connect with old friends to see what they are up to. The app is a fun way to take photos in the moment and enjoy seeing people BeReal in the moment. My friends told me about the new app and convinced me to get it. It is 50-50 with me sometimes posting right when the notifications come up. Sometimes I post right when the notification shows and sometimes, I wait. I most definitely post everyday though that is for sure.”






Feature image courtesy of Connie Lee

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