The defenders of Gotham: Which Batman did it best?

By Kaitlyn Oliveros, Mar. 22, 2022

The release of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson sparked a variety of debates on who the best Batman actor is. While some opinions after seeing the newest movie haven’t changed, other students are now saying that Pattinson’s portrayal of the caped crusader was the best.

Jordan Bueno | apparel merchandising and management student 

“I’ll go with Robert Pattinson. I think cause of the way his eyes are super expressive through the mask. I think he did a great job… Christian Bale’s dope, though.”

Stacy Montoya Chavez | plant science student

“I’m not good at names, but ‘Batman Begins’ (Christian Bale). That was the most memorable one for me because that was the first one I saw.”

Azariel Virgen | physics student

“I mean I did just watch the new Batman, and I thought Robert Pattinson did a really good job. I think I might be a bit biased, but I think I like him cause he’s a bit more conflicted than Christian Bale’s really strong, tough Batman.”


Ami Ahir | mechanical engineering student

“Christian Bale… I think he’s my favorite Batman. I enjoyed his movies the most. The older ones… they’re more light, but his movie’s definitely on the darker side. I like the new Batman, but I feel like ‘The Dark Knight’ series was better.”

Gabrielle Atencio | biology student

“My favorite Batman is Christian Bale because… he was just giving. It was fun to watch, and it was an actual movie. I feel like the older ones are too comical, and I didn’t like the recent one.”

Valeria Bueno | criminology student

“I think it would be Christian Bale, but I actually really like Robert Pattinson as well. He’s always been very dark to me, so I think it perfectly fits Batman. I think that’s why he’s my favorite one.”

Lorraiyne Delarosa | biology student

“The one with Heath Ledger… Christian Bale! I think that’s the one I watch the most.”

Ryan Sandoval | computer engineering student

“I watched the new movie, so probably Robert Pattinson. He portrayed him better than other actors.”

Feature image courtesy of Action Vance.

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  • Danielle

    Christian Bale is the one and only Batman for me.

    Christian Bale’s performance in The Dark Knight was much more varied than Pattinson’s. CB showed the full extent of his acting talent by playing all the different facets of his character from the young man angry at his parents’ killers to the violent Batman who brutally interrogates the Joker to the humorous businessman Bruce Wayne to the smiling, seductive playboy. Each of his performances is dazzling.

    Pattinson’s Batman, on the other hand, is just manic-depressive. He tries so darn hard, managing to convey that the Batsuit has made it impossible for him to have a bowel movement. He just broods and looks angry throughout this grossly simplistic plot-driven film. It doesn’t take a special talent to sulk. Anyone is capable of doing the same.

    The Batman is too dark; it confuses seriousness with a total lack of humor. And it is far too long just to give us more dialogue than action.

    Not only Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is much Better, but Christian Bale’s performance is just unmatched, unique!

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