ASI’s ‘Donut Worry’ event sprinkles students with joy

By Nadia Urbina, Mar. 15, 2022

Early risers were able to treat themselves to free donuts provided by ASI BEAT’s “Donut Worry Monday” event hosted on March 7 at the University Park.

The event began at 9 a.m. in front of the Bronco Student Center where students heading to class stopped by the recognizable green ASI canopy pop-up tents to grab a water bottle, a granola bar and a donut.

“We used to have this event before COVID; the Games Room used to host it, but because of some changes within ASI, the Games Room doesn’t have any events anymore so BEAT sort of absorbed all the events,” said Annikka Rodriguez, art program supervisor for ASI BEAT.

“Donut Worry Monday” is a recurring ASI event that was hosted the first Monday of every month. Students lined up and picked up a donut of their choice and socialized in the Games Room located in the BSC. As campus returned to in-person classes, ASI brought back this event so students could have a good start to their week.

Nadia Urbina | The Poly Post

“We were unable to do it in February, and we’re only having one this semester because we’re limited to a certain number of events because of COVID,” explained Rodriguez. “It used to be really exciting, and there used to be stickers, and I just wanted to give a little ‘hey we’re still around’ reminder of how things were like before. It’s sort of like an homage to what happened before COVID.”

Students passing by the BSC or walking from parking structure two and parking lot B stopped by and signed in through a QR code to get their packaged donut.

“I knew about this event, and I attended it before,” said sociology major Krystal Solis as she stopped by before her 10 a.m. class. “I didn’t know it was happening today. I love free food events like this, and today, I needed it most after I struggled to finding parking this morning.”

Due to safety reasons and sanitation, the donuts were wrapped in clear, single plastic packaging. These food handling restrictions didn’t stop ASI from providing a wide array of donut options. Attendees chose through classics such as chocolate with sprinkles, glazed, powdered and Boston crème.

Julia Mora, students’ activity assistant for BEAT, shared that although this event only happened once this semester, other events with free food are coming up.

“For food events we have ‘Fruta Picada’ that’s going on for all month. They’re going to be on our next event, on Culture Fest, which is this Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,” said Mora. “The point of that one is to get more people involved with the clubs and like get them more involved in cultural clubs. It’s mostly to promote cultural clubs just to let people learn about other cultures and how to respect them and learn from them.”

Students interested in attending future event can visit the ASI website for information and registration.

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