Review: Gunna pushes to No. 1 album for the second time with ‘DS4EVER’

By Brandon Cummings, Feb. 8, 2022

After debuting No. 1 in 2020 with the album “Wunna,” musical genius and songwriter Gunna was determined to repeat his success with his next album. Without fail, on Jan. 22, Gunna’s latest album “DS4EVER” repeated history by landing No. 1 once again.

The album, “DS4EVER,” is the fourth edition to Gunna’s Drip Season album collection. After the third edition was released in 2018, Gunna was long overdue for another season.

The intro to the album, “Private Island,” sets off with an angelic tone that is peacefully loop synched with 808’s hi-hats and guitars that carry the song until the end. Gunna discusses how drastically his life has changed with his newfound wealth. Leaving the title of the song to speak for itself, Gunna pays tribute to his own success by speaking on the opportunity to stand on an exclusive island.

The song “Pushin P” was destined for success with the song featuring rap icons, and Atlanta natives, Future and Young Thug. For this song, the rappers vaunt on how they have been committed to the luxurious lifestyle, or in this case “Pushin P.” With the implementation of initial rhyming for the track, each rapper displays their creativity by utilizing different words that start with the letter ‘p.’

With the addition of dropping a lavish music video featuring all three rappers the day after the release, the internet took the song to another level by popularizing it into a trend on various social media platforms by sharing the term “Pushin P.” The rapper explained on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM how the term simply means staying positive and committed to whatever your hustle is. From TikTok clips to Twitter posts, the internet pushin’ the song along was the reason Gunna reached his second consecutive No. 1 album.

(Sharon Wu | The Poly Post)

“P Power” featuring Champagne Papi himself, Drake, was added to the album a week after the album dropped, but it was worth waiting for, with the GOAT, Drake, yet again gaining all the attention with his well-written featured verse.

The two songwriters linked together to admit how much power women can have on them causing them to buy Birkin purses as gifts, purses that cost no less than $70,000.

The ninth track, “Livin Wild,” magnifies Gunna’s personal life as he expresses his health concerns caused by the different vices he’s interacted with since being a rapper. The song begins by informing his listeners that he might need another liver. As the song fully unravels, the words “why me?” are set on a loop behind his lyrics to enhance the emotion of this song.

Gunna, normally known for his trendy bars, remarkably switched it up and allowed listeners to meet a new side of him. This song reminded the album’s listeners of Gunna’s versatility and potential to create surprises with his music.

What is a Gunna album without Mr. Four Pockets Full? Track 12 features the rising rap phenomenon, and Apple’s 2020 artist of the year, Lil Baby.

After releasing “Drip Harder” in 2018, the chemistry these two rappers have created is something close to perfection. With the new song “25k Jacket,” Gunna and Lil Baby remind listeners how enjoyable they are as duo. A personal favorite off the album, the duo produces a fast-paced beat with an addicting chorus by Lil Baby.

“DS4EVER,” or drip season forever, is a collection of 20 songs with more than half of the album involving features. This season’s album boasted features from 21 Savage, Chloe, Chris Brown, Drake, Future, G-Herbo, Kodak Black, Nechie, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Yung Bleu and Young Thug. Gunna also kept it traditional with producers like Metro Boomin and Wheezy.

Releasing the same night as pop star The Weeknd, many were left wondering who would end up No. 1. Gunna ended with over 150,000 sales compared to The Weeknd’s 148,000 after the first week.

“Pushin P” is currently charted at No. 7 in the Billboard Hot 100, staying in the top 10 for another month as the internet remains pushin’ his song.

For those interested, Gunna’s second consecutive number one album, “DS4EVER,” is currently available on all streaming platforms.

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