Poolside viewing of ‘Moana’ creates big waves

By Gustavo Castillo, Sept. 28, 2021

After a long day of stressful classes, CPP students gathered to share laughs, dance and splash around while singing Disney princess songs on Sept. 24 at ASI’s “Flick N Float.”

The event was held at the BRIC pool featuring the Disney movie “Moana.” Students were encouraged to “take a break from studying and come hang out by the pool” on the ASI website. Floaties, food and friendly faces filled the lounge area with successful student turnout.

Vienna Tan, employee at the BRIC and hospitality student, was one of the members hosting the event.

“I know it has been a year since COVID-19 and everyone has not been around each other, and we definitely want to make sure everyone is still following COVID protocols,” said Tan. “We are just really excited to have everyone here and that everyone wanted to come back.”

Couples, friends and strangers filled the lounge’s leisure area with one goal in mind: to transport to Motunui alongside Moana, Maui and Hei Hei in their aquatic journey returning the heart of Te Fiti. With the palm trees shading students, as well as the perfect sundown viewing, the event provided a perfect setting to support the Disney fantasy of “Moana.”

Samantha Mayorga, a business student who attended the event, said, “We came to the pool one day and saw the poster outside. This was my first event I came to, and it was really cute. I really liked it.”

The event began at 5 p.m. with registration closing at 7 p.m. Students who attended received a wristband that granted them one free box meal provided by Centerpointe. The meal options offered included grilled chicken burritos, grilled steak burritos, fajita veggie burritos, grilled chicken fiesta bowls or grilled steak fiesta bowls. Each meal included a drink, side of homemade chips and a cookie.

Although the event was free, COVID-19 limitations and protocols were still being enforced. Students were asked to keep their mask on as much as possible when they were not eating, drinking or swimming.

Gabriella “Gaby” Mora, an animal science student, attended the event because she finally felt comfortable going out again.

“This is the first event I attended because it caught my eye automatically. Chilling in the pool while watching my favorite movie just made sense. I am definitely coming to the next one,” said Mora.

To attend events like this, CPP students must activate their BRIC Membership for the year by logging in and clicking “Memberships.” Then, students can visit MYBar events page and search for the events they desire.

With Halloween creeping around the corner, “Flick N Float” will present the 1990 Horror Romance film “Edward Scissorhands” on Friday Oct. 22. Visit MYBar to RSVP and visit Edward’s dystopic, suburban fantasy twisted minds have come to love.

Feature image courtesy of Darren Loo.

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