PartyNextDoor’s ‘COLOURS’ rerelease: nostalgia or microwaved seconds?

By Jose Herrera, Feb. 9, 2021

Artist Jahrone Anthony Brathwaite, better known by his stage name PartyNextDoor, released his “COLOURS” EP on all streaming platforms for the first time last month, compiling the original 2013 “COLOURS” and its 2017 follow-up, “COLOURS 2.”

At first glance, PartyNextDoor fans perceived the announcement as a new project. However, those who have followed the star’s trajectory since 2013 immediately recognized the electronic infused R&B project as a rerelease of his two-part vintage “COLOURS” series.

Despite the mixed reviews questioning whether the rerelease is a lazy fan service or serves a bigger purpose, the limited sample size offers an opportunity for listeners to experience PartyNextDoor’s evolution to the R&B star he is now.

Revisiting the “COLOURS” project more than seven years later gives listeners an idea of how PartyNextDoor has developed as a songwriter, artist and producer. The Swiss Army knife vocalist demonstrates a style of R&B that was untapped when the “COLOURS” project was first released in 2013.

“COLOURS” kicks off with the artist’s songwriting ability, boasting songs like “LETS GET MARRIED” and “GIRL FROM OAKLAND.” The two separate love stories and descriptions allow for a full showcase of PartyNextDoor’s futuristic-infused vocals, paired with unique production.

PartyNextDoor’s production during the early stages of his career used subtle beats that seem to overpower the sound of his voice — an illusion to the ear that he capitalized on and made his own. The combination of these qualities takes the listener through the lens of a love-oblivious 20-year-old singer.

With a strong two-punch intro, PartyNextDoor follows up with “JUS KNOW,” featuring Travis Scott, which highlights Scott’s iconic sound and PartyNextDoor’s gifted ear for maximizing artists’ potential with production.

“DONT WORRY” serves as the closing act of the first “COLOURS” project. With a feature from Ca$h Out, the song carries a perfect balance of Ca$h Out’s rap abilities and PartyNextDoor’s singing skills, providing a glimpse of the singer’s domination in song choruses.

“COLOURS 2” which is embedded in the second half of the “COLOURS” rerelease was originally revealed in 2017 — nearly four years after its prequel. However, it’s evident that four years served as a perfect time chamber for PartyNextDoor to develop even further as an artist. By 2017, PartyNextDoor had experienced stardom through collaborations with high-profile artists like Drake and Lil Wayne.

During the second half of “COLOURS,” the singer displays his confidence with a sound that today’s audience is far more familiar with. Instead of tapping into a new sound on “PEACE OF MIND” like his first “COLOURS,” on his sequel, he pushed his sound forward with more subtle production that highlighted his raw singing ability.

He follows up his intro to “COLOURS 2” with “FREAK IN YOU” with lustful lyrics accompanied by a classic R&B-style production, making the song the perfect example of vintage PartyNextDoor.

The ending of “COLOURS 2” introduces listeners to a refreshing Afrobeat that was previously absent on his prequel. The Afrobeat song, “LOW BATTERY,” boasts its upbeat instrumental that contains elements of popular West African music styles.

The “COLOURS” sequel comes to a close with “RENDEZVOUS.” The song can arguably be considered a staple of PartyNextDoor’s sound due to its nature of highlighting his songwriting, production and unique vocals.

“COLOURS” serves as a taste of nostalgia for day-one fans and a rabbit hole for PartyNextDoor’s new listeners. When the artist made this album available on all streaming platforms, it delivered a clear path to PartyNextDoor’s career over the years — just as rereleases may be intended to.

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