Finding the right study habits that work for you to practice during this time can make a huge difference in your performance. (DESIREE MCCLEAN | THE POLY POST)

Getting ready for finals from home

For the first time ever, Cal Poly Pomona students are preparing for finals week during a global pandemic. The library remains closed as social distancing regulations are still in place and CPP students are forced to find alternative ways to study away from campus.

The end of the semester is near, and this is no time to fall short. It’s time to finish the semester strong and proud. Here are some ways students can study more effectively. 

Finding the right study habits that work for you to practice during this time can make a huge difference in your performance.
(Desiree McClean | The Poly Post)

Make sure to eat healthy foods

Whether one believes that food plays a role in studying, the reality is it does. 

According to the educational website Brainscape, “When it comes to studying for exams and optimizing your brain and body for exam day, consuming the right foods for the occasion is particularly important.”

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for the human body. Foods such as blueberries, spinach, almonds, bananas and sweet potatoes are among the noted foods known to provide benefits to the brain. 


Ideally, students should get enough sleep to take on a busy day, but that does not always happen. That is where caffeine comes in. 

Based on an article on Healthline’s website, “Caffeine promotes central nervous system stimulation, making you feel alert.”

Feeling alert plays an important role during finals week. If a student does not feel lively, the student is less likely to remember the information being studied. Perhaps a cup of joe, espresso, tea or any caffeinated beverage could contribute to enhancing vital study time. 

Put together a study guide

A study guide should always be a staple in students’ studying routine. If the professor does not provide a study guide, it is a good idea to create one. Writing out all the information that is needed to pass an exam should be the first step in studying for finals.

However, many professors do provide a study guide for students, giving an idea of what will be on the test. It is up to the student to make sure the study guide is complete with the correct answers to ensure useful study time. 

You could also create flashcards or practice tests once the study guide is complete for extra practice. 

Utilize Zoom study groups

Zoom has taken over colleges and schools everywhere. As students adjust to classes being transferred online, Zoom is the new classroom for many professors and students. 

As social distancing regulations are still in place, students are unable to meet with study groups in person to enhance the study experience. 

This platform provides students with the opportunity to share their screen, making it easier to study in groups. 

Use Quizlet as a resource

Quizlet is a great way to study for upcoming exams. There are many ways to practice the information needed to ace those upcoming tests. Quizlet offers virtual flashcards, multiple choice practice tests and much more. 

In order to utilize this site, students have to make an account and input their study material to create the virtual practice tests, flashcards and more. 

Practice Repetition

There’s nothing quite like repetition. Think about not knowing any words to a new song on the radio but then the song is played continuously, the words become implanted in your brain, making them hard to forget. 

Making flashcards and studying them over and over is an old study trick. The information needed to pass that final becomes common knowledge when it is repeated.

Take breaks

Remember to take breaks in between studying to avoid overloading the brain with too much information at once. Grabbing a bite to eat or taking a quick walk in between study times can be an essential way to recharge the brain for more studying. 

Third-year history student Haley Schmidt has been adjusting to the new social distancing requirements and quarantine regulations. She normally studies for finals in the library during the extended hours offered for finals week, but this semester will be a new experience for her and many other CPP students. 

“I will have to make a change in my studying plan, because this time I’m on my own. Studying at home is not the same as studying at the library,” Schmidt said. 

Finals week can be stressful, especially during such an uncertain time. With these finals week suggestions, students should be able to find a good start to ending the semester strong. 

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