Entertainment industry changes to fit stay-at-home order

During this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, talk shows are making immediate changes to work remotely from home. Shows can no longer rely on interacting with a live audience and cannot be produced in person with the many crew members it takes to run these shows. 

Despite these challenges, here are some shows that have adapted and are continuing to entertain their audiences around the world. 

‘The Tonight Show: At Home Edition’ with Jimmy Fallon 

Jimmy Fallon has set expectations high for other late-night shows with “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.” During this show, Fallon sticks to his normal format as much as possible while also creatively embracing work from home. 

Without his usual band, set and graphics, Fallon had to find new ways to replace these aspects. Fallon now involves his young daughters with the making of the show by coloring a title card and playing music for the introduction of the show in the most adorable way. Throughout the show, Fallon also interacts with his family, giving the audience a glimpse of Fallon’s family life. 

“The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” still includes the usual celebrity guest and musician segments. Fallon video chats with celebrity guests and musicians on the show, such as Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler and many more. Despite the challenges of video chat and isolation, these interviews are very energetic and entertaining to watch. 

New episodes of “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” air weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on NBC. 

‘Saturday Night Live at Home’

Normally, “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) is a live show that thrives on the reactions of its audience. However, with strict stay-at-home orders, the cast and crew of “SNL” produced the entire show from their separate homes for the first time for their show on April 11.

Cast members were responsible for filming their own skits and footage without any reliance on audience interaction. “SNL at Home,” however, managed to overcome its obstacles, maintaining a similar structure of the show, full of entertaining skits. Host Tom Hanks, who survived his own bout with coronavirus, and musical guest Chris Martin from Coldplay had to film their own footage at home as well. 

The cast was able to bring out the humor from current events and politics taking place in our world today, which seems impossible these days. Still, “SNL at Home” found a way to bring the much-needed smiles and laughs that its audience needed, now more than ever. 

“SNL” aired its second at-home episode April 25.  You can also catch reruns of “SNL” on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. on NBC. 

‘The Daily Social Distancing Show’ with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah usually hosts “The Daily Show” with comedic enthusiasm every Monday through Thursday with a live audience. Yet again, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for live audience interaction. After a two-week hiatus, Noah returned with his show from home. 

Temporarily renaming the show “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” Noah now reports entirely from home as he attempts to maintain the structure of the show as much as possible. 

The show continues to report news in a humorous way and hosts guests through video chats despite Noah being isolated in his home. Noah manages to keep the show relevant and light during this crisis.  

“The Daily Social Distancing Show” will continue to release new episodes every Monday through Thursday nights at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central. 

‘Some Good News’

During this global crisis, actor John Krasinski felt the need for good news, which led him to make a YouTube channel called “Some Good News” (“SGN”), dedicated to highlighting good things happening around the world right now. 

 Each episode starts off with Krasinski sharing stories of joy and humanity found from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In the following segment, he video chats with guests. 

Some of these guests are featured in the stories Krasinski shares. He usually interviews them and shares his admiration of them. He also interviews celebrities on “SGN.” Some of his celebrity guests have been the original cast of the popular Broadway show “Hamilton” and actor Steve Carrell, Krasinski’s costar from the hit sitcom “The Office.”

 “SGN” has 36 million views total from the seven videos released in the last three weeks. Krasinski releases new episodes every Friday on the “SGN” YouTube channel. 

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