The Broncettes gathered for their team photo shoot at the beginning of the season. (COURTESY OF CPP BRONCETTES)

Heartbroken Broncettes cancel annual showcase

Many supporters of CPP’s dance team, the Broncettes, attend its annual showcase in May to enjoy a night of fun and witness various dance routines. But the unexpected ended the Broncettes’ season in a flash and canceled their show. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Broncettes had to unfortunately cancel their sixth annual Broncette Showcase that was originally scheduled for May 1 in the CPP University Theatre. 

All the dancers are devastated by this decision, especially the seniors. For the three seniors on the team, their career was cut short and they could not finish the season with the showcase they have prepared for all year. 

Abby Formanowicz, a fourth-year mathematics student and president of the Broncettes, is among the seniors who had their dance careers end so suddenly. Formanowicz joined the Broncettes her freshman year to continue her passion for dancing and to meet new friends. 

“I have met many lifelong friends and was able to experience many things I otherwise would not have been able to,” Formanowicz said. “It has been a lot of hard work but was so rewarding.” 

The Broncettes gathered for their team photo shoot at the beginning of the season.
(Courtesy of CPP Broncettes)

Instead of finding friends, Formanowicz found a family. Sadly, the last few months she thought she had with this family were ripped away from her. Her teammates understand the hurt the seniors had to endure with this sudden ending no one saw coming. 

“It hurts me more for those seniors because this would have been their last time dancing … and performing,” said teammate Austin Hernandez, a third-year psychology major. “I am truly sorry this had to happen to (the seniors).” 

Hernandez also feels sorry for the rest of the team, since the members have been working hard preparing for this showcase since late October and planned to do all types of dance routines, such as jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and more.  

Teammate Mia Palmieri, a first-year architecture student, expressed how devastating it is that the team will not be able to see its hard work pay off. 

“People outside of the Broncettes don’t see how hard we work,” Palmieri said. “The showcase is an event where the community really gets to see the skills we have.” 

Palmieri joined the team this year as a freshman to further her dance career. She was injured in the middle of the season, yet she was able to overcome the injury to perform with her team. Now, her hard work throughout this year will not result in the reward she was looking forward to. 

The entire team wanted to have the chance to present the product of months of practicing these routines and its members are heartbroken that they won’t. But regardless of the situation, the Broncettes are a family and are helping each other get through this difficult time. 

Since the show is canceled, the team does not practice through any outlet. Instead, the members keep in contact through their group chats to support each other through this difficult time. 

The Broncettes are now looking toward the future as the team looks for next season’s dancers. The team recently announced on its Instagram that video auditions will be the new platform for choosing future Broncettes. More information about auditions will be posted on the team’s Instagram, @cppbroncettes. 

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