Finding love in the time of quarantine

Is romance dead? 

With the encouragement of social distancing and the temporary shutdown of dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, bars and many more public areas, times like these have caused a challenge in the dating world. 

“I have noticed that girls have been less reluctant to go out because of everything going on,” said David Layson, a 26-year-old Riverside resident. “I had dinner plans with someone, but she asked to push (the date) to a later date.” 

Social distancing has not stopped the dating world thanks to online dating apps such as Hinge. (Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

Individuals are taking a more precautious approach to deciding whether going out on dates is the best idea.

Although in-person dating has come to a slight decline, on the online dating spectrum, users have reported a subtle incline in people using online dating apps. Many users have noticed a trend in fellow users’ bios. Users have changed their bios to causal quarantine-related captions such as, “Quarantine and chill,” “Corona-free,” and “Quarantine buddy, wya (where you at)?” 

“For me, being in quarantine has led me to re-download dating apps,” said Chelsea Basilio, a Riverside resident. “Part of it has to do with me having a bit more time now that classes have been canceled, but it’s more for social interaction.” 

Online dating has become one of the most popular methods for single people to meet. Apps like Hinge, Bumble, Tinder and many more online dating apps encourage their users to be safe at the time of this pandemic. 

Last week, Hinge released a statement on all its social media platforms that said, “At Hinge, our users’ safety is a top priority, and we want them to feel prepared during this pandemic.”  

Warning notices and tips have been added to the app, reminding users to wash their hands, use protection and follow the guidelines of social distancing when meeting up with individuals. 

They suggest using alternative routes such as virtual communication. You can still get to know someone via text, phone call or video chat.

“I have noticed that people are online more on Hinge and Tinder. I think it’s because people have so much more time now and can respond quicker,” said Maddie Dar, a fourth-year business student at Cal Poly Pomona.  

The benefits in the increase of online dating apps could potentially increase the safety of online dating and the normalization of video-chat dates. For those who think romance is dead, it is only taking a new virtual form.

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