Susan Yara shared her comments and concerns, while watching Victoria’s Secret models’ skincare routines. (JOANNE GUINTU | THE POLY POST)

‘Geek Week’ entertains, yet gets cut short due to health concerns

All lovers of pop culture and fandoms were brought together to “geek” out at Associated Students, Inc.’s (ASI) Bronco Event and Activities Team’s (BEAT) third annual “Geek Week,” held from March 9-13.

The committee made the decision to go with a Pokémon-inspired theme because not only are the committee members huge Pokémon fans, but Pokémon is universally recognized by the campus community.

“This year, we decided to implement some new activities that would gauge interest in other students that may not identify with liking the standard ‘geeky’ materials,” said Anthony Gong, ASI BEAT graduate assistant. “Our definition of what ‘geek’ means is that students, staff and faculty can be fans of pop culture and also other interests and hobbies that they may enjoy doing.”

Free food was offered for students to enjoy with the presentation on Monday.
(Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

The committee has been working progressively since December 2019 and hoped that “Geek Week” would encourage students to learn new activities and bring together the campus community.

The events were scheduled to take place throughout the BSC, where each day appealed to different fandoms. 

Famous YouTuber Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup shared her insight on all things skincare on Monday. Yara is known for her reactions to celebrity skincare routines. She performed a live skincare reaction video with the students.

Attendees received free gift bags, which included makeup, stickers, a headband and a notebook. Food and drinks were provided. They also had the opportunity to ask Yara questions and take photos.

“My roommate and I were so excited to hear that Susan Yara was coming to CPP,” said Sarah Kali, a first-year business student. “She is one of our favorite YouTubers and it was such a cool event.” 

Susan Yara shared her comments and concerns, while watching Victoria’s Secret models’ skincare routines.

On Tuesday, attendees were taken on a magical trip with magicians Jonathan Molo and Colin Chung. Chung, a second-year business student, was the opener for Molo.

The focus of the event was on the mystery of magic. Molo and Chung delivered just that. The audience’s jaws dropped in awe from Molo and Chung’s illusions and tricks.

The attendees received free food and magical goodie bags. They also had the opportunity to win free Universal Studios Hollywood tickets.

On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to learn choreography to popular K-pop songs during U-Hour from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the BSC, Ursa Major. 

Excited and energetic K-pop lovers filled Ursa Major, ready to dance to some of their favorite songs. They were led by two instructors to teach them the dance moves of top chart K-pop songs.

The levels of the choreography varied from easy to very extreme, but throughout the entire event, students enjoyed their time. 

The first 100 students were treated to free snacks and the chance to win some prizes. 

Due to health and safety concerns for the campus community, “Geek Week” was cut short because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The E-Sport and BroncoCon events that were set for March 12-13 were canceled to follow California Department of Public Health’s recommendation of social distancing. 

ASI BEAT is working on rescheduling these events for a later date. 

For more updates on ASI BEAT’s rescheduled events and important information, follow @ASICPPBEAT.

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