The student artists turned an empty canvas into a perspective on CPP. (JOANNE GUINTU | THE POLY POST)

‘POV on CPP’ exhibits student creativity

Students pile in to admire the colorful canvases that bring creativity and light to the walls of the Bronco Student Center. 

The faculty of Fine Arts collaborated with Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) to organize a student spotlight art exhibition displaying over 60 student art pieces. The art exhibit is open through March 27. 

The reception for the event was held during U-hour in the Andromeda room. 

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and talk with art faculty and artists about the exhibition. 

“What I love about the Art Student Spotlight is that ASI Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT) is able to showcase the artistic talents that exist within the Cal Poly Pomona student community,” said Arianne Coleto, ASI BEAT art program advisor. 

The student artists turned an empty canvas into a perspective on CPP.
(Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

The four faculty members who helped organize the exhibit were Ann Phong, Joyce Hesselgrave, Dean Swick and Devora Orante. 

“I think the fine arts hold the power to communicate with people,” art professor Ann Phong said.  “There’s a lot of beautiful work in my classes so I thought, ‘Why not show it.’”

Every year, Phong has her students participate in an art project that follows a theme. Phong believes in the power of art and the need for art in the university system. The past themes that they introduced for the exhibit were women empowerment and the environment. 

The Art Student Spotlight exhibit is a traditional event ASI BEAT hosts every year. This year was the first year ASI partnered with the art department for the exhibit, which now has strengthened a bond between the two departments. 

The theme of this year’s exhibition was “POV on CPP.” Students took this theme and transformed their empty canvases into marvelous art pieces that expressed their personal perspective and how they envision CPP. 

It is a moment of pride and accomplishment for the art students to see their projects hanging on the walls. 

Most of the paintings were made with oil and acrylic paint on canvas sizes of 18 inches by 24 inches. Student paintings ranged from a scenic depiction of the Rose Garden to the koi fish in the Japanese Garden. 

“I loved walking by all the paintings because it was really cool seeing how different everyone’s paintings were. You would think that everyone would have similar paintings, but some people painted areas on campus I have never seen before,” said Cathy Miller, a first-year business student. 

The art department encourages the campus community to visit and enjoy the artwork of students in hopes to inspire growth and vision. It also hopes to stress the importance of art in the community. 

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