Disneyland ticket prices skyrocket to infinity and beyond

The Walt Disney Company has done it again: Prices for theme park tickets and passes have been raised. A one-day Disneyland park ticket can reach above $200 for the first time in forever. 

A day at Disneyland is no longer a simple option for most park goers. It takes planning to save up enough money to afford parking, ticket prices, food and merchandise while in the park.

Disney has categorized its ticket prices based on high to low peak times; that range varies from $154-$104 for a single park ticket. 

Single-day Park Hopper passes that allow you to enter both Disneyland and California Adventure are now $209 on peak season days; however, the price drops dramatically during off-peak to $159.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The price of the least expensive annual pass, the Select Pass, which blocks out holidays and peak-demand days, rose 5% to $419 from $399. The most expensive annual pass, the Premier Pass, which gives guests access to Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando, Fla., without blocking any dates, jumped 13% to $2,199 from $1,949.” 

Disney prices keep going up and up, but this won’t deter park goers from attending, especially after the building of Galaxy’s Edge. (Kelcie Hartley | The Poly Post)

A MaxPass is now $20, but a $5 increase won’t stop people from adding this option to their ticket. The MaxPass allows guests free photographs to download, taken by photographers all around the park. It also lets guests choose a new FastPass every two hours. Despite the new prices of tickets, this add-on does make the Disney experience better.

Parking for the Anaheim parks remains the same at $25. 

“It was already expensive to go (to Disneyland), but now it’s bad. I will still go, but now I have to save even more money for it,” said second-year psychology student Kelise Whitehorse.


Disneyland parks recently raised prices because of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” that opened last May, so why raise them again? One reason could be the new land coming to California Adventure this summer.

According to 10news.com, “California Adventure’s Marvel attractions will open with ‘interconnected stories’ between the Anaheim theme park, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. In Hong Kong, the action has already begun with Iron Man and Ant-Man attractions.”

Kelcie Hartley | The Poly Post

The Avengers has been a huge series that millions of people love. It only makes sense that Disney expects an increase in crowds this summer. 

Another reason for price increases is simply because Disney can. 

The Walt Disney Company is a billion-dollar enterprise. It can afford to do as it pleases, not just because of its wealth, but its knowledge of devoted fans who will go to the parks at any costs. 

Walt Disney’s Disneyland is 64 years old and still is a place for children and adults alike. It has adapted over the years to stay relevant, exciting and magical. 

It is the world where all your favorite characters and stories come to life, and make you feel like you’re seeing them for the first time, but at a $200 price tag. 

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