Review: Justin Bieber is back with ‘Changes’

Justin Bieber is back after five years with new music, and surprisingly, it’s better than expected.

Bieber has been absent from creating music content for years now after taking a hiatus. Fans have patiently waited for any new songs to come out. 

Fans got a taste of new Bieber content from his Youtube docuseries, “Seasons.” The series focuses on his personal growth and understanding why people either love him or hate him. It also shows his maturity as a musician, husband and man. 

The series breaks down his personal experiences and drama over the past five years into 10 different episodes, showcasing a different side of Bieber the world hasn’t seen before. Fans view this act as genuine openness to his real self. Others have viewed this as forced empathy, but either way, his new music shows a new side of himself and a new style of music. 

This album follows his two singles he released within the last month, “Yummy” and “Intentions.”

In my opinion, “Yummy” did not show a very promising preview into the album. It did not have a lot of depth and meaning in its lyrics, which lead me to believe Bieber’s new album would not be worth listening to. But I was wrong. 

“Intentions” quickly became a song people could groove and vibe with. It was different from his previous music from five years ago, and breaks the trend of pop music today. It introduces the new type of musician that Justin Bieber is now.  

On Valentine’s Day, Bieber gifted his fans with his new fifth studio album, “Changes.” Bieber had some big names featured in this album, such as Kehlani, Travis Scott, Quavo and Post Malone. 

Just like his docuseries, “Changes” is a very personal experience. The album exposes his journey into maturity and handling the pressures of fame and infamy through his lyrics. His style of music has changed from a pop version of electronic dance music to the complete opposite – soulful R&B. 

The album starts with the song “All Around Me” – a short and soft introduction to the album. At the first few seconds of this song, I knew this album was going to be good. The song had a simple and relaxing melody and the lyrics were more poetic than most of his previous work. 

Another song that I like is “That’s What Love Is.” The acoustic song describes how his wife, model Hailey Bieber, showed him what love is. It is a sweet song dedicated to her with beautiful strums of the guitar. 

Another acoustic song I enjoyed is “Changes.” The soothing R&B melody of the guitar is accompanied with lyrics about going through changes in his life to become a better version of himself. 

Although he shows a new music style, Justin Bieber does not stray too far from his past musical self. His vocals and harmonies in his songs are similar to some of his older songs, like “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry.” 

All in all, Bieber provides a very surprising album. It is the most vulnerable and personal he has gotten with his fans and listeners around the world, along with a totally new music style. This risk shows great results in the form of the album, “Changes.”

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