Some students rush for an opportunity to make new friends. (ZUVANNY MACIAS | THE POLY POST)

Spring rush in full effect

Fraternities and sororities at Cal Poly Pomona participated in the spring semester rush week that lasted from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1. 

Meeting people during the new semester can be intimidating, but students got the opportunity last week to become a part of a fraternity or sorority. 

There were events occurring during the week, starting on Monday and ending Saturday. Some of the events were held by individual organizations and some of the events were organized collectively. No matter what the event was, they all held a similar purpose.

The purpose of rush week for many organizations is to be able to find potential members. There are a lot of students seeking out opportunities to get involved. 

Fraternities have different goals during rush week, but many are looking for quality over quantity. 

“Obviously we’d like to have a big group of young guys, but we don’t want to sacrifice anything in order to do that. It’s very vital for us to make sure we know each and every rushee (potential member) on a personal level before extending a bid,” said Kamron Behizad, a second-year business student and member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. “Our main hope is that these new young men will be able to benefit the community and shine a positive light on Sigma Chi.”

Some students rush for an opportunity to make new friends. (Zuvanny Macias | The Poly Post)

Some students want to rush because of the opportunity to make new friends with people.

“The main reason I want to rush is because I feel like I’ve wasted time not being a part of any clubs or organizations while being here at Cal Poly. Some of my friends are in frats or sororities and do a lot of networking and community service while making friends in the process. I know I’m on my third year at Cal Poly, but better late than never,” said Daniel Chau, a third-year business administration student. “I’ve decided to rush since I feel like it’s an opportunity to put myself out there, make connections and (enhance) my experience at Cal Poly, rather than just thinking of it as just a place I commute to everyday, but as a place I want to be at with like-minded people in the same boat as me.” 

There are many different organizations for students to choose from at CPP. They are all so uniquely different that students are bound to find the organization that best suits them.

(Zuvanny Macias | The Poly Post)

According to the Cal Poly Pomona website about Greek Life, “While the beginning of each semester is considered our ‘primary’ recruitment period, some organizations recruit using the 365 model where they are (actively) meeting potential members all year.” 

If any student is interested in joining Greek Life, they should reach out to the organization they are interested in to get more information. 

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