Starbucks warms up CPP campus with holiday cheer

Now serving drinks with a new infectious holiday feel, Starbucks has added holiday-themed gifts as well as holiday music and signage to the store. 

The words, “The Holidays are Here,” welcome every customer at the store’s entrance. Classic holiday colors decorate the displays and menus, and the spirit-filling melody of a holiday classic makes the wait in line go faster.

The changes began Nov. 7 when a new promotion began on behalf of the Starbucks corporate company.

Holiday-themed drinks such as the pumpkin spice latte returned and so did the customers. Jules Freefe, the store manager, disclosed that the store has experienced a clear increase in its financial bottom line ever since the holiday promo began. 

She noted, “You can tell it has in our financials; we are serving more people and people are buying more.” 

The Christmas season has brought a whole new feel to the Starbucks experience, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle as finals approach.
Kimberley Ramirez | The Poly Post

Freefe mentioned that the promo did not run smoothly at first. She explained that there was a notable disconnect with the promo release of cozy, fall-inspired drinks when the California weather inclined customers to opt for a refreshing drink rather than a hot one.

Now that the weather is colder, the holiday drinks and holiday spirit are winning the hearts of lines full of people. 

Julissa Lopez, a third-year political science major and Starbucks shift lead, noticed it has gotten busier ever since Halloween. 

Lopez shared her excitement for the store’s decorative nature calling it “festive,” and disclosing her enthusiasm for the added decorations to come in December.

Store manager Freefe explains that playing holiday music as well as all the store’s signage is company policy and uniform in all Starbucks locations. However, all other store decorations, including the ones that were put up for Halloween, are decided at the discretion of the students.  

Freefe recalls the students taking the initiative to decorate the store. She approved the decorations, giving her employees a budget and sending them to Dollar Tree and Target to get creative with their decorations. Apart from urging them to use sustainable or reusable decorations, Freefe allowed the students to take over decorating the store.

The Starbucks store has reimbursed the money for the decorations.

Chris Ibarra, a fourth-year applied math student, shared that he likes coffee and in noticing the changes to his campus coffee spot he said, “I think it’s nice; I think the environment that is set by the employees is great; it shows their character.”

Starbucks now has an entire display dedicated specifically to gifts under $15. Coinciding with the sparkle and shine glitter metallic themes being used, these gifts are perfect for white elephant gift-giving this holiday season.

Kimberley Ramirez | The Poly Post

Freefe shared a Starbucks annual tradition of releasing a holiday-themed “bearista” bear. A male and female version of the bear is sold and this year the bears are ski-themed. She noted it was an indirect tribute to our Cal Poly Pomona’s very own Ridge Runners ski club on campus.  

This year a regular-sized bear is priced at $20 and an ornament bear is available for $10. 

Join the CPP family in welcoming the holidays a tad bit earlier this year at the Starbucks location by the library in Building 15.

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