Three different strands of premium THC pods are on display to satisfy a person’s needs. (COURTESY OF ISMAEL RIVAS)

CPP and cannabis: Let’s be blunt

Cannabis usage has grown exponentially throughout the years and is making its way onto college campuses. Instead of bringing the good old nose burner (marijuana pipe) to school, students are keeping it discrete by eating edibles and smoking out of vape pens that don’t give off a smell. 

Although some students keep it “low-key” around campus, some students prefer smoking Kush with that nice little *puff puff pass* kind of situation with friends to chill out and hit the books right after. School stresses students out and smoking Mary Jane can knock off the edge a bit. Since it is on college grounds, students tend to stick more to their pens to keep discretion under wrap. 

A few students had some thoughts about Cal Poly Pomona allowing marijuana on campus. 

Ismael Rivas, a second-year hospitality and management student, works at marijuana clinics outside Pomona and smokes three times a day. He thinks students should be allowed to smoke on campus. 

“I enjoy smoking weed and going to school because it helps me focus more on what I am doing,” Rivas said. “I feel more relaxed, more talkative and friendly.”

Three different strands of premium THC pods are on display to satisfy a person’s needs.
(Courtesy Of Ismael Rivas)

Rivas takes a few hits before class, so it helps him become more engaged and helps him participate more in class. 

If Cal Poly Pomona had its own cannabis shop, he believes some students would be interested enough to check out the shop. 

Nicholas Blume, a third-year sociology student, views cannabis like cigarettes, and said people should be able to make their own choice as to what they smoke. Blume smokes marijuana on a daily basis and replaces his cartridge about a week or two later. Blume said he would also be interested in a marijuana shop on campus.

“I would definitely check the shop out and if they had good products at affordable prices,”  Blume said, “I would definitely make a purchase.”

Marijuana affects everyone differently. One can research and figure out the limit anybody can take. Many want to be relaxed and mellowed out, not get ready to jump off a bridge thinking they can fly. They should know the difference before smoking or digesting edibles. 

Be aware of cartridges that are being purchased. One way you can tell if the cartridge is good is to use the bubble test, which entails turning the cartridge upside down and see how fast the bubble moves. This checks the viscosity of the liquid inside, so if the bubble moves around fast it means it is no good, which is an indicator of large amounts of Glycol or vitamin E acetate that are harmful, Rivas said. 

Rivas would keep up with the recent news, such as NBC News, about what is going on in the marijuana industry.

However, there are some negative side effects by smoking marijuana. Physical effects some smokers may experience are breathing problems, increased heart rate, problems with child development during and after pregnancy, and intense nausea and vomiting, according to National Institute on Drug Abuse.

A third-year economics student who goes by the nickname Topramos for identity purposes, smokes every morning and on his/her way to school. It is notable that students smoke on campus already, but are being discrete about it. Topramos finds the vape pens quick and easy. 

“I don’t like dealing with the smell of cannabis in a professional setting,” Topramos said. 

If the benefits of having a marijuana shop on campus outweigh the cost, then Topramos would give it a thumbs up. 

“I’m sure the line will be longer at the cannabis shop than (for) a parking spot,” Topramos said. 

So far, some students are on board if Cal Poly Pomona opened a dispensary shop on campus. Jobs would be provided, and it would bring in more revenue for the school in the long run. 

People should be allowed to self-medicate and not be judged due to the social stigma of smoking, Rivas said. 

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