Students share their plans for summer 2019

Emily Ingram | Fourth-year business administration student

“I auditioned for a musical this week so if I get it, I will be celebrating the end of the school year at rehearsal all summer.”



Mireya Navarro | Third-year early childhood studies student

“I’m going to EDC [Electric Daisy Carnival] for the first time the weekend after school gets out. It’s going to be my first rave so I am pretty excited about it.”



Norman Mach | Fourth-year computer information systems student

“I plan on working on projects like building websites to help me get a job as a web developer one day.”



Allyssa Valmores | Fourth-year  English education student

“This summer I’ll be going to the Philippines and Japan. The Philippines for my family and Japan just to explore a different country.”



Tariq Walker | Second-year biology student

“For my plans this summer, I’m going to go to the Dominican Republic. Probably kick it with pops in the East Coast. Kick it with the boys, you know.”



Roy Amador | Second-year industrial engineering student

“I’m going to be working for an engineering company for an internship. I’m just going to be focusing on that full time. On the side, I’ll probably be learning coding.”



Maliyah Ohigashi | Second-year business accounting student 

“This summer, I’m going to Las Vegas for cheer camp. I’m probably going to go to music festivals and the beach.”



Lars Strudwick | First-year e-business student

“Over summer break, I’m going to travel to Fiji. I have a couple business partners in Fiji that I plan to start businesses with.”



Photos and quotes compiled by staff writers Brenlyn D’Amore and Sabrina Zelaya.

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