The show, “Nache Le,” aims to showcase the diversity within the Indian culture. COURTESY OF THE INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION

Indian Student Association to present Annual Culture Show

After months of preparation, Cal Poly Pomona’s Indian Student Association (ISA) will be having its Annual Culture Show “Nach Le” on Sunday, April 28. 

The show is taking place at the University Theatre.

The culture show is one of the biggest events the club hosts, and a tradition upheld every year.

“Nach Le” is about showcasing the diversity within the Indian culture. Through dance performances and other types of acts, the audience is able to experience a part of the culture.

The show consists of 13 acts. Cal Poly Pomona’s very own dance team Tamanna will be performing. 

The show also has external acts such as UCLA’s Bruin Bhangra, which showcases a type of dance style. 

Other acts include Amna Dance Company, Revolution Ke Deewane Mastane and Inner Essence Dance Company. 

The show, “Nache Le,” aims to showcase the diversity within the Indian culture. (Courtesy of the Indian Student Association)

Second-year psychology student and president of ISA Shikha Gupta and her team have been planning since early January. 

The team had to reserve the University Theatre first and then the actual show planning started.

To have a successful and entertaining show, the board had to contact teams and companies outside of CPP for performances. 

“It was hard to find acts that wanted to perform at culture show, but we were able to get UCLA and a couple of dance schools to perform for us,” Gupta said. 

UCLA Bruin Bhangra is a very popular dance team in California’s South Asian culture, and this is its first time performing at CPP ISA’s Culture Show. 

Gupta herself is performing and is excited for the audience to see CPP’s group Bollywood Dance, as this consists of CPP students. 

ISA publicist and third-year chemical engineering student Archana Jayan is most excited for audiences to experience the performance.

“The group dance, as it is different every year and has new students participate which gives the audience a unique experience,” Jayan said.

There is also a fashion show toward the end, where the students showcase Indian ethnic wear. 

The audience can expect lots of fun and colorful clothing.

The team has worked hard to compile various acts with smooth transitions, in hopes of showing the audience a glimpse of India. 

“We tried to organize the acts in a way, so it doesn’t feel repetitive. We want the audience to be captivated throughout the show,” Jayan said. 

The show also displays CPP’s diversity of students and the different cultures one can find on campus. To purchase tickets, visit

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