Group fitness instructor Jessie Vasquez happily showcases proper form on the battle ropes used in the bootcamp classes in Studio B. ASHLY HERNANDEZ | THE POLY POST

Few weeks left for free fitness this spring

Summer’s just around the corner, but fitness goals should be about creating good habits and incorporating new ways to better the body. 

The Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) offers many different group fitness classes under four categories: strength & tone, dance & groove, mind & body and cardio & endurance. 

These programs can help members build better workout habits and introduce something new to a workout routine, all at no extra cost to BRIC members. 

“If you keep doing something over and over again, your body’s going to get used to it and it’s not going to change,” said Charlotte Harrop, a fifth-year civil engineering student and Barre and Pilates HIIT (high-intensity interval) instructor. 

Group fitness instructor Jessie Vasquez happily showcases proper form on the battle ropes used in the bootcamp classes in Studio B. (Ashly Hernandez / The Poly Post)

Harrop started attending classes during her third year and really took advantage of what the BRIC had to offer. Eventually, a former Pilates and barre instructor suggested she take up the helm after she leaves. 

All of the instructors hold one or more certifications in order to teach the group fitness classes. 

Jessie Vasquez is a graduating kinesiology student who holds multiple certifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting and certifications to be a personal trainer. 

“What I like about being a trainer is helping people move better and live stronger and healthier lives,” Vasquez said. 

When he has the opportunity, he teaches boot camp, as well as other classes that are geared towards strength or endurance building. 

Instructor Charlotte Harrop instructs a group of women in her Friday barre class. (Ashly Hernandez / The Poly Post)

There is an entire schedule for all of the classes on the Associated Students, Inc. Campus Recreation website at There is information about the date, time, class, instructor and where it is taking place. 

Under class descriptions, there are short 15-second videos to give those who are interested or curious a glimpse of what the class entails. 

The videos were incorporated into the class description during the summer of last year. It’s group fitness supervisor Janneth Echeverria’s goal to add more classes and instructors to the schedule.

“Right now, I have classes from 8 a.m. to noon and then another block from 4-8 p.m. But I get students telling me that they have free time from 1-3 p.m. and wish there were more classes available at that time,” Echeverria said. 

But the instructors at the BRIC all have their own availability. Some are students and some are trainers at other facilities or have other jobs. Some student instructors do not stay after they graduate and there are job spots available when they leave. 

Echeverria would love for more people to get certified to teach an existing class or even something new that could be introduced to the BRIC. 

The instructors are there to assist individuals and everyone is there to focus on himself or herself. 

Nervous gym-goers should know that taking on a new class or workout routine isn’t something to fret over. Most gym-goers are there to focus on themselves. 

The BRIC offers many opportunities to try something new in a supportive environment to achieve various fitness goals. Drop on by before the semester is over. 

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