Kelly K. worked the crowd and roaring cheers of excitement filled the room. JESSICA ARAUJO | THE POLY POST

Campus queens strut their stuff

By Jacqueline Ayala and Jessica Araujo

From Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” to Selena’s “Si Una Vez,” the fourth annual Drag Show hosted by the Pride Center brought a high level of energy to CPP.

Coming back to host the Drag Show was none other than Roxy Wood — who along with seven other drag queens — performed a variety of songs. 

Their dancing, splits and even death drops brought the audience to cheer them on from start to finish.

The Drag Show is the yearly event that always brings a high number of students to support their local drag queens. 

Third-year biology student and Pride Center social justice leader Dana Recio was able to work with the Pride Center for the first time and likes that drag shows attract students  every year, whether or not they are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“This is my first time working with the Pride Center and every year this is the largest event that we host,” Recio said. “A lot of the times many students won’t show up to other events because they think it’s just for LGBTQ+ people but there’s something about drag that will bring everyone together and that’s really cool.”

Athena Kills jumps into a split while performing Ariana Grande’s song “Into You.” (Jacqueline Ayala / The Poly Post)

From the seven queens that performed, one of them was fourth-year animal science and theater student Jovani Morales, also known as Athena Kills. 

Morales has been doing drag professionally for three years. 

“I want to inspire and change the world, one day at a time so if I inspire you, then I’m doing my job,” Morales said. 

Morales has performed in a variety of places, such as the 340 Nightclub, which is located in Pomona, and Hamburger Mary’s Ontario. 

She loves performing in front of her school and is excited to be doing so again next year.

Another drag queen that performed was Kelly K who has been doing drag for four years and was first introduced to drag from watching the queens on the television series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“I actually started watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ alone in my room, hiding from my parents and I was like ‘Oh my God, I want to do that,’” K said. “The first time I ever performed was at 340, right here in Pomona and it was just like something for beginning queens so I signed up and I gave it a try.”

Kelly K. worked the crowd and roaring cheers of excitement filled the room. (Jessica Araujo / The Poly Post)

K feels thankful for all the support that CPP and everyone else has given her and loves to perform for everyone. 

Many students were excited to see returning queens come back to CPP and were able to enjoy themselves without the fear of being judged. 

Second-year business student Agustin Andalon enjoyed the performances from the queens.

“I really love supporting my local drag and I really wish we had more events like this where we can all come together and support one another,” Andalon said. 

The Pride Center was really happy with the attendance this year and is glad that everyone had a great time supporting their local drag queens.

Students interested in learning more about the Pride Center’s events and services offered can visit its Instagram @cpp.pridecenter or Facebook @CPPPrideCenter for more information.

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