Students share their favorite college life hacks

Esmeralda Torres |  Third-year animal health science student

“I like listening to audio books while on my commute to school so that I can get ahead in classes and use my commute as an extra time to study.”



Rosemary Cho |  First-year environmental geography student

“My college life hack is blow drying my hair in my room instead of the restroom so that way I can keep my room warm during the winter.”



Jacqueline Gutierrez |  Fifth-year biology student

“Get a bike and a bike rack so that if you’re ever running late, you can park in the overflow lot and bike to campus.”



Samara Gomez  |  Third-year English student

“To save money on coffee I will buy a pack from Costco and make it at home so it lasts me the whole semester instead of buying coffee on campus.”



Lauren Bradford |  First-year biochemistry student

“I like to use my personal hot spot from my phone in the car. It’s a quieter place to study and do homework.”



Oscar Meza |  Fifth-year mathematics student

“When I watch YouTube videos to assist me in my learning, I like to watch them at 1.5 speed to save time.”



Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Natali Perez.

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