By Ashley Rowles and Maya Hood

Grrrls Night is a discussion hosted by the Womxn’s Resource Center for identifying women who want to learn new information about things that relate to them. 

The topic of discussion recently was about menstrual health and the different options that are available for women to use.

“All of the options people who menstruate can get because a lot of things don’t work for everyone. I know for myself tampons don’t really work for me, so I went to find other options, and so I want to bring this information to other people that menstruate,” said Heaven Toussaint, social justice leader of the Womxn’s Resource Center.

There was a menstrual cup being passed around the room to show them what it looks like and a lot of the girls were making comments about how it doesn’t look like it should fit but it does.

Women gather at the Womxn’s Resource Center to talk about menstrual product options, like the menstrual cup. (Ruth Olivares / The Poly Post)

 As curiosity began to strike, some of the ladies in the room asked the following questions: how do you insert the cup, how do you take it out and if it is uncomfortable to wear.

During this discussion the leaders talked about menstrual discs, menstrual cups, menstrual sponges, panties and free flows. 

In an in-depth instructional video, it showed how to insert, wear and remove the menstrual cup. 

They come in different sizes depending on a woman’s size; some are recommended for those who haven’t given birth and those who have. 

The cup can last for 10 years, which is longer than the lifespan of a goldfish and the sponges last for six months. 

Women gather at the Womxn’s Resource Center to talk about menstrual product options, like the menstrual cup. (Ruth Olivares / The Poly Post)

A lot of the products mentioned during the talk were cost effective and sustainable to the environment. 

Toussaint shared her experience on using the cup. “It was only uncomfortable because it didn’t go as far up as it was supposed to and that was like the one thing you have to remember,” she said. “It’s like half of the cup was sticking out.” 

Period panties give the protection and absorption of a pad but with the comfort of regular cotton panties.

“I don’t personally use these because they are pretty expensive,” said Issa Pena, treasurer for Students for a Sustainable Future. “The more you buy it gets discounted. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about them, and that they don’t leak.”

 A lot of the women were apprehensive when it came to the topic on free flow, where women just let  their period flow freely; specifically, women who choose to stay at home during their period. 

People with lighter flows prefer this because they don’t have to buy any period products.

“I knew some of the information about the cups, but I had no idea about the sponges,” said Rhea Fernandes, an education major who attended this event for the second time. “I thought I did my research, but I apparently did not. You don’t know what you don’t know and so you come here to find out.” 

Meetings are every other Thursday in Building 95, room 201 at 5 p.m.

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