Kellogg West pathways

One of the pathways runs parallel to Building 4 and connects the quad to the BRIC. BRIAN SEASE | THE POLY POST

The trails that connect Kellogg West to the rest of campus offer students a pleasant walk to and from both areas of campus. 

While there are official concrete pathways that connect the two spots, there are also other paths, a little off the beaten trail next to Building 4.

Some of these paths, which are surrounded by trees, are cool and shady walks that students can take as alternative routes between the BRIC and the quad.

With rolling hills and look-out points, these areas are some of the more scenic points on campus. 

When the sky is clear, the walkway connecting Kellogg West to the campus offers a wonderful view of the campus, the CLA and the surrounding mountains.

Orange Groves

A squirrel scuttles up an orange tree in the orange grove located next to Building 1. BRIAN SEASE | THE POLY POST

The orange groves between Building 1 and the Manor House offer a shady spot for students who need to get away from studying and work. 

Close to the quad, this area is a good spot for students who might not have enough time to go on a hike or take a long walk.

With dozens of trees, this area is shady and cool and depending on the year, features the sweet smell of orange blossoms.

Squirrels run up and down the trees, chewing on oranges, presenting a humorous display for students or staff who have decided to walk through the grove.

There are other groves on campus, but this one, which sits close to the quad is a more convenient spot than the groves by the farm store and the village. 


Josie Lau, Aung Paing and Alfie the husky visit the BioTrek Ethnoboatany Garden. BRIAN SEASE | THE POLY POST

The BioTrek Ethnobotany Garden, located by the College of Enviornmental Design and the College of Agriculture, offers a peaceful walk through trees, plants and a bubbling stream. 

The Biotrek Learning Center, located next to the garden, includes a greenhouse and various species of animals that visitors are welcome to view when the center is open. Ethnobotany is the study of the traditional knowledge of and customs of a people concerning plants and their various uses.

Third-year hospitality management student Josie Lau and her boyfriend first-year transfer business student Aung Paing brought their husky Alfie to walk him around the tranquil garden.

“This is actually the first time I’ve brought [Alfie] here, we’re going to try and bring him more often,” Paing said.

“We let him run around, we know this campus pretty well, so we were like ‘we might as well let him run around and see what he finds,’” Lau said.

The garden is open at all hours. and offers informational signs along the path.

Voorhis Ecological Preserve

The trail in the Voorhis Ecological Preserve features peculiar, graffiti covered pillars. BRIAN SEASE | THE POLY POST

The Voorhis Ecological Preserve is a 76-acre nature preserve with an entrance located behind Building 1. 

Although mostly untouched, there is an entrance and a trail located behind Building 1 next to the orange groves. 

The preserve is on the San Jose Hills that run between the Santa Ana and San Gabriel Mountains and supports various undisturbed forests. 

The area was identified as a Significant Ecological Area in 1976 by Los Angeles County.

It is considered a preservation of an undisturbed natural area in Los Angeles County.

Thick woods surround the trail and offer a serene hike through the cool forest. 

Slightly separated from the rest of campus, the hike in the Voorhis Ecological Preserve is a good way to get away while still on campus.

With unique structures that dot the trail and large, almost tropical looking growth, the preserve truly feels like one has left Southern California.

The trail is open at all hours.

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