The fallout of DeflateGate

By Enrique Cervantes

By now, everyone has heard about the Ted Wells report on the New England Patriots and the scandal surrounding some deflated footballs. In his investigation, Wells found that several balls in the AFC Championship Game had been deflated below the legal threshold and that quarterback Tom Brady knew something.

In Wells’ words, “It was more probable than not.”

The release of this report changes the public’s entire view on the New England Patriots and their Super Bowl win in February. While many fans and players have a distaste for the Patriots, this only adds fuel to the fire.

While Brady, head coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft have all denied the allegations, there is too much against them right now. With Jim McNally, the officials’ locker room attendant, and John Jastremski, an equipment assistant for the Patriots, being accused of releasing air from the footballs, how could Brady not have known?

The biggest news coming out of all of this is the NFL suspending Brady. The Super Bowl MVP, who has already won four Super Bowls, is now poised for suspension for knowing about the deflated balls.

And how could he not know? He has to grip the football for every play, and would have known if there was a difference in how he could grip it. Even if he didn’t know at the first, Brady is a smart man and would’ve figured it out sooner or later.

For years, especially since the infamous 2007 Spygate, the Patriots have always been at centers of controversy. Belichick is a coach that has always liked to push the boundaries of the rules to get a competitive advantage. However, that’s okay ” if you don’t break the rules, then there’s no wrongdoing.

Could Belichick and Kraft not have known? Maybe. But Brady had to at least known something. And now, one of the best quarterbacks in the game is going to be suspended.

This will tarnish Brady’s legacy. If he wins no other Super Bowls, his fourth one will be in question. Some will always have an asterisk next to it, even though it was the Patriots’ defense that sealed the win against the Seahawks.

However, there’s a big question still looming: Why?

The balls in question were in the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts and were used in the second half. The Colts had no chance of coming back to win. So why even bother deflating the footballs?

Brady needs to actually answer some questions soon.

Enrique Cervantes

The Poly Post

Enrique Cervantes

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