Screw the Lakers

By Jonathan Aviles

Enough of this Lakers talk. I’m sick of everyone saying how
they’re the best team in the NBA.

They’re one of the best, but not the best.

Houston won three games against the “Lake” Show.” That’s pretty
sad if you ask me, considering the Rockets didn’t have Yao Ming
most of the series.

My only question was where were the Lakers? Well, after their
series’ clinching victory over the Rockets Sunday, Houston may be
back or they may just fall into the same routine as before.
Dominate, then suck, dominate, then suck and well I’m sure you can
guess how the rest goes.

If they continue with this lame attempt at trying to win an NBA
Championship they’re bound to fail.

Next up for them is the high-scoring Denver Nuggets, led by
savvy playoff veteran Chauncey Billups.

The Nuggets blew through the Dallas Mavericks, who aren’t the
greatest team, by doing something the Lakers couldn’t. Beating the
teams they should beat. Yes, the Lakers advanced, but the Rockets
showed that the Lakers may not be ready for Denver or whatever team
the Eastern Conference has to offer.

I’d like to see Denver vs. Cleveland in the finals. Screw the
Lakers. They aren’t good enough to be in the finals.

Remember when Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James were drafted a
pick apart in the 2003 NBA Draft?

Well if you don’t, experts we’re saying that these two were the
next “Magic and Bird,” meaning that they would battle each other
for the rest of their careers.

Well, here we are six years later and both are superstars in
their own right. Lebron is obviously one of the best two players in
the NBA, while Carmelo is not far behind.

Anthony has always been a solid NBA player, but with Billups not
at his side, he’s destined to level up to James’ stature.

This, in my mind, would be a better matchup than the Lakers and
Cavs. Of course, this is all assuming that Lebron leads his team to
the finals, which I would almost guarantee to happen.

Lebron and Co. are up against the Orlando Magic. The magic are
coming off a come-from-behind series win of the Boston Celtics.

But I’m going to have to go with Lebron on this one.

Sorry Dwight Howard, this time Superman only goes so far.

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No Manny needed here

No Manny needed here

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