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Study smarter, not harder

Finals are approaching and students are starting to stress about either not having the time to study or not knowing how to study efficiently.

When it comes to starting a study session it can sometimes be intimidating, especially after a long and draining semester.

While there are some students who are able to not show up for class the entire semester and still ace their exams, most students owe their success to creating a study plan that helps them retain the information needed to pass their exams.

(Nicole Goss | The Poly Post)

Starting a studying session doesn’t have to be intimidating or stressful. With the right study plan, you can study effectively and rock your finals.

Starting small and studying a little bit everyday can help you develop better study habits.

Cramming for mini-quizzes might work in the short-term, but when it comes to studying for bigger tests such as midterms and finals, you will be right back where you started.

Sometimes just remembering the material isn’t good enough. But if you constantly review, it can help you store material in the long run.

Planning when you are going to study can help a lot, especially if you are a student who has a busy school and work schedule.

Students who study out of order tend to perform poorly compared to those who have a set schedule.

Finding the time to study can be difficult, especially when you have homework from other classes that you have to do.

Creating a weekly schedule, where you choose a few days a week to go over material, will help develop habits that will aid you in your academic career.

Another way to help jump start your study session is starting with the most difficult subject first.

The most difficult subject will require most of your time.

When you start on the hardest one first, it will be much easier to complete the rest of your work.

Make sure you are not distracted while you are studying because it can harm your study session.

Not being distracted while studying is crucial especially if you are trying to retain the course material.

If you need peace and quiet while you are studying, go to the library and go to one of the quiet floors where there is no background noise to distract you.

One way to help you stay motivated while studying is to keep in mind what you are doing all of this studying for.

Studying will help you obtain your degree and assist in jump starting your career.

You can also read some inspirational quotes before studying to help you feel more motivated to get started.

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