As a person who is nervous for what the future holds for America, a glimmer of hope was restored due to the results of the midterm elections.

(Nicole Goss | The Poly Post)

There was a lot of pressure on this year’s midterms and especially on younger voters to start participating.

For me, the pressure to start being involved and paying attention was worth it because the results have shown that the youth want change.

First off, we made history with the highest youth voter turnout in a midterm election in the past 25 years, according to an estimate by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

Young adults have woken up due to recent social issues and their displeasure with the Trump Administration, which caused turnout in historic numbers.

Youth ages 18-29 increased turnout to 31 percent to shape the midterm elections.

Tuft University estimated 21 percent of youth turnout in the 2014 midterm elections.

A 10 percent increase represents millions of youth exercising their right to vote and making sure their voices are heard.

Women of color are breaking their way into politics.

This election resulted in the youngest woman, the first Native American women and the first Somali American elected to Congress.

Other historic winners were the first black congresswoman to represent Massachusetts, the first Muslim women elected to Congress and the first openly gay male governor.

Texas also elected its first Latina congresswomen and they are the first freshman women elected for full terms in Congress in 20 years.

A record number of women were elected to seats in the House of Representatives, with at least 100 females compared to the previous record of 85 female representatives.

Arizona and Tennessee both elected their first women to the Senate.

Iowa and South Dakota both elected their first woman governor.

America is starting to vote people into Congress that represent everyone in this diverse country.

We have needed to refresh Congress with people who reflect all the variety that is the melting pot of America.

Having people from different backgrounds allows for a range of ideas to be heard.

The average age of Congress will now be a decade younger thanks to the midterms.

America has elected some of the youngest representatives ever.

This is yet another way that Congress is now starting to be more inclusive and actually represents this country as a whole.

Before the midterms, the average age of a representative was 58.

It has now lowered to 49 and is more reflective of the people in the United States.

We can see that once the youth of America have started to take action in politics, major changes have been made to Congress.

Adding representatives who embody more of the population of the U.S. will improve the respect and consideration of these groups when making decisions that will affect said groups.

The House has also flipped and can now challenge the president in his future decisions for this country.

An increase of checks and balances will hopefully take place.

I understand that we must play the long game in order to see real change but with the current political climate, it is important to celebrate the small wins toward a more accepting and inclusive country.

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