The noise of loose change and rattling windows are common sounds on public buses; sometimes that is all you hear. Hopefully, a “hello” or a “thank you” to the bus driver breaks the silence, but other than that what do riders say or do on the bus?

Commuters are mostly glued to their phones with headphones in, completely focused on their flat, handheld digital world. Some riders are observers looking out the windows and enjoying the trip while others are taking advantage of being chauffeured in an air-conditioned bus and catch a power nap. Other commuters skim books, newspapers and magazines to pass the time.

Single riders are more likely, but friends, coworkers or classmates may fill the bus with small talk and chatter, occasionally in different languages.

Buses traveling through the Pomona area are relatively quiet. A commuter challenging the bus fare or asking for directions might be the most communication heard on board.

Most riders are focused on arriving somewhere on time, not making the journey a social affair.  A courteous smile is as far as some riders go in interacting with others on the bus.

Whether the ride is empty and silent, or the bus is standing room only, using public transportation is an interesting way to get around town. Known for being a commuter campus, Cal Poly Pomona can easily be accessed by public transportation.

(Nicole Goss | The Poly Post)

Students can experience public transportation via Foothill Transit buses decorated in blue and green to and from campus.

Local Foothill Transit bus lines connect riders from La Puente, El Monte, downtown Los Angeles, Phillips Ranch, Claremont, downtown Pomona, Diamond Bar and more.

The intersection of South Campus Drive and Temple Avenue, which connects The Village, the Farm Store, Innovation Brew Works and the College of Extended University to the main campus is where Foothill Transit has seven lines connecting students and community members to the Cal Poly Pomona area.

The bus lines 195, 482 and 480 connect to the Pomona Transit Center in Downtown Pomona. The 190, 194 and the 486 bus lines connect to the El Monte Transit Center and once there a commuter can go anywhere with connection to Greyhound buses, Metrolink and airport FlyAway buses.

Public transportation suits the working class because the bus schedule aligns well with work or school schedules.

It is a common mode of transportation for people who want to save some money, do not have access to a car or have a lengthy commute.

Foothill Transit buses have discounted fares for seniors, disabled riders and local college students.

There are also accommodations for commuters in wheelchairs.

Discounted bus passes and reloadable TAP cards are available in the Games Room located in the BSC.

For Cal Poly commuters seeking to save gas or get homework done on the way to school, public transportation is an experience worth giving a shot.

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