An exciting factor of joining Greek life is living at or visiting the house of the organization you join – unless you are in a sorority at Cal Poly Pomona. CPP does not allow any on-campus official housing.

Even so, there are six fraternities that do have houses that are in Pomona but are technically unofficial. Regardless if CPP recognizes them, the fraternities still have houses while sororities do not.

(Nicole Goss | The Poly Post)

Being in a sorority is more than stereotypes of partying and meeting fraternity guys named Chad.

It is about sisterhood and coming together. Having a house would help us connect deeper and further our bond as sisters. A house could be a meeting place that would be much more special than the university library.

It can be a place where we make memories that other students are able to make by living in the dorms. We get to surround ourselves with women who hold the same values as us and have the same drive to help our charity.

Fraternities use their house as more than a place for members to sleep – it is also a place to hold weekly meetings in order to make decisions for their chapter.

Sororities have to worry about finding an available room on campus that can hold over 100 people.

Since the rooms on campus that can fit this amount of people are right next to each other, sororities have meetings in the same building.

CPP splits a big multipurpose room, Ursa Major, in half and sticks two sororities in there.

Having meetings where both rooms hold over 100 girls can get very noisy.

While one sorority is having a serious talk during a meeting, the other next door may be practicing cheers, disrupting the serious tone of the meeting next door.

Being a commuter myself, I think it would be amazing if we had a place we could hang out in between classes since going home is pointless due to traffic. Finding a spot big enough on campus to hang out with my sisters is not possible. I know girls in sororities that are commuters that would want to live in the house.

It would also help us better plan our philanthropy week. Each organization in Greek life has a charity that they raise money for or volunteer at.

Having a house would allow us to have a place where we could plan the multiple events that occur during our philanthropy week. The house would be a place to plan, decorate and create.

If fraternities are able to have houses, official or not, sororities should too. A future Greek row may be far in the future of CPP, but at least one sorority having a house should not be.

Allison Now is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

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