There is a problem with modern-day feminism, and it’s not that it is too extreme or different from what the founders of it intended it to be.

The problem is detrimental to the movement: it’s too white.

(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

White feminism is white privilege masked as feminism.

It is when so-called feminists want to bring light to issues that affect women, such as rape and misogyny, but only when they affect white women.

For example, sexual harassment and assault have always affected women.

However, movements to empower victims, such as #metoo, only caught fire when Hollywood elites were affected. Suddenly, white feminists were outraged and aggressively called for dismantling of Hollywood’s rapists.

Bringing light to any case of sexual assault is important, but where was the public outcry for all the non-elitist and non-white women who have been raped?

While white women are receiving justice, there are women of color whose rape kits have been stored on shelf to collect dust.

Feminism is meant to bring light to issues that affect all women.

Used properly, it is an intersectional movement that empowers all women regardless of race, ethnicity, class and sexuality.

Whether they like to admit it or not, white women have an upper hand compared to women of color.

Both are female and therefore oppressed by patriarchy, but to declare that they share the same issues would be ignorant.

White feminism ignores the fact that white women are oppressors too, and that white women can act in ways that silence marginalized groups.

It fights for its own self-interests instead of uplifting African-American, indigenous, LGBTQ and trans-women.

White feminism is wearing pink pussy hats and calling it change. It partakes in silly behavior of perceived acts of defiance when it could’ve used the same energy to empower non-white women and used its platform to shine light on their issues.

White feminism is fighting to change laws so women can walk shirtless in public while trans women fear for their lives every day.

It advocates change for white women, while other women are shadowed.

White feminism and its culprits is not a lost cause.

There are ways feminists can become more inclusive and intersectional.

One thing they can do is to step back when it comes to issues that don’t affect them.

They should let the women who are affected speak on their experiences without useless narration from the white feminists.

The white feminists should support other women without stealing the spotlight from marginalized groups.

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