The library doesn’t have enough outlets for students, and it’s unacceptable at this point.

Outlets are a necessity for a college student in the technological age, and it it’s high time the library meet it.

(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

The university knows how many students it needs to accommodate and the number of outlets in the library should reflect the size of our campus.

When I ask other students if they have this problem or if they have the same views, collective yes’s burst from the groups.

“I don’t understand why we don’t have outlets,” said Justin Paraiso, a fourth-year engineering student.

It’s undeniable that the library is a great place to study.

It has most of the things I want: clear, spacious tables; open, well-lit spaces; quiet if I want it to be; free wi-fi; and open until 11 p.m.

I don’t mind searching for places to study because it’s packed.

I do mind the fact that my search involves finding a working outlet, and that it bleeds into study time.

It’s a regular part of the college rat race. You have to get to the library before peak times, otherwise you’re searching around students huddled around the four or five tables that do have an outlet on any given floor.

A perfectly empty, clear table would be wonderful, but that’s only if you’ve remembered to charge your computer and have been diligent about never letting the battery get past 15%.

Brent Ponferrada, a third-year aerospace engineering student, said, “Some people are here at 8 a.m. to save a table for a group for the entire day.”

The southwest end of the third floor does have large strings of outlets attached to the tables, but hardly any work.

The outlets that are built into the large group study tables look convenient, but the cables that hang to the floor unplugged render them useless.

The library’s Interim Dean Emma Gibson says that the administration has been aware of this issue for a couple years.

She hopes that more outlets will be created with the help of a new budget plan for the 2018-19 year.

She was surprised to hear that the power extension cords on the Southwest study area of the third floor don’t work and was happy to send a technician to make sure they were in working condition again.

Gibson’s surprise speaks to the obstacles in communication that causes problems like these to endure.

It is partially on students to communicate these issues, however most don’t have the time or desire to cut through the bureaucratic red tape that took me about a week to finally reach Gibson.

Hopefully students will be able to have accessible outlets within the 2018-19 year.

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