(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

Studying abroad benefits students

Instead of rushing through your time at college, why not take the opportunity to travel to a place on your bucket list, while studying?

Students spend four years, if not, more, focused on getting all their courses fulfilled to graduate as quick as possible, but many don’t consider how easy it is to study abroad as a student.

Although these years are stressful, for most, they will probably be some of the most carefree we have.

(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

Take the time to look into study abroad options for a short term, semester or full year.

There are so many places, classes and programs to choose from that can easily be tailored to every possible desire.

One misconception that many have about studying abroad is that it is too expensive.

In reality, there are programs from all different price ranges.

Cal Poly Pomona, along with the other California State schools have an exchange program that allows you to study abroad while paying the same tuition directly to CPP, while also guaranteeing completed units will transfer over.

Studies show that students who travel abroad build confidence in themselves and expose themselves to more connections and opportunities therefore benefiting their careers.

According to the University of California Merced, alumni of abroad programs use the experience on resumes and in interviews, statistically landing jobs in half the time it took graduates who did not study abroad.

Many programs offer research and internship opportunities that allow students to gain more knowledge and experience in their careers.

Studying in another country exposes students to a new culture.

Immerse yourself in another culture and expand your knowledge of the ideas and customs of the world by stepping out of your bubble.

The opportunity to study abroad is a privilege and reward for students with good grades.

The grade point average requirement ranges from 2.5-3.5.

Although it could be daunting to plan a trip across the world by yourself, preparation and organization will be your best assets to having a smooth plan leading up to your departure

Visit the Study Abroad website to start exploring your options or attend an information session every Tuesday and Thursday during U-hour in the International Office located in Building One.

The programs will often include housing and a portion of meals as well as planned excursions to nearby locations.

Take a break from the pressure and routine of school and do a semester a bit differently by exploring a new place around the world.

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