The university needs to do more to make streets safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

The current safety precautions are not good enough.

(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

Every day, pedestrians stroll across the street in front of Building 1, staring at their phones, not looking for cars before they cross.

It would be ridiculous to try and enforce a rule about texting and crossing the street – but those students should be held accountable — it not only creates a danger for themselves, but it creates danger for the drivers who may not see them until the last minute.

The ample crosswalks are a step in the right direction.

While there are occasional crossing guards, they are not on campus nearly enough to make much of a difference.

What the school should consider hiring these crossing guards for more than just a few hours a day or doubling down on pedestrian safety public service announcements.

Much of the time on campus, they ride with little to no regard for pedestrians or cars, going too fast or not wearing a helmet.

Last year a girl on a skateboard was hit by car in front of Building 1 because she wasn’t paying attention before she crossed the street.

Although she was fine, it highlighted how much of a problem gutsy cyclists and skateboarders can be on a college campus.

But how could the school help change something like this?

Enforcing helmet use or enforcing the use of the bike lane would be a logical first step.

This would be difficult to implement, but seeing how effective the ban on hover boards was, it isn’t impossible to achieve.

Implementing new stop signs and pedestrian crossings on campus would also be an effective way to reduce accidents.

For example, the entrance to Kellogg West on University Dr. is situated in such a way that it’s difficult to see who’s coming when stopped at the stop sign.

Putting stop signs on University Dr. and creating a three-way intersection would both slow down the often dangerously fast drivers and make the turn from the Kellogg West much safer.

The path from the University Village to campus is not ideal.

Students jaywalk constantly to cut corners because the alternative is to waste time waiting at the cross walk twice.

Cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians all do this and it’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident.

Putting a pedestrian crossing right in front of the village entrance would prevent students from running across South Campus Dr. to get to the crosswalk.

Another alternative, would be placing a diagonal crosswalk at the corner of South Campus and Temple so students could get to any side of the intersection without feeling the need to run across the street to save time.

With such a large commuting population at Cal Poly Pomona, it’s important to put road safety first, even if that may be the less convenient choice.

Minor changes like school wide PSAs or rule implementation would be worth it if it meant preventing even one accident.

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