I am aware the University is doing a lot to ensure that students graduate on time by making plenty of resources readily available.

On the registrar’s office website, a step-by-step guide explaining the graduation process heeds warnings on various mistakes for students to watch out for, such as double counted and repeated courses.

Students must make sure they’ve submitted all documents, petitions, and transcript requirements, which is individual to each student.

The Bronco Advising Center is right next to the Registrar’s Office.

The school widely publicized several advisory meetings to inform students on these requirements in early January, well before the April 13 due date.

Still, there are still improvements that could be made with this process in terms of ensuring better connection with administration and individual departments still aren’t satisfactorily reaching with students.

(Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

There are many logistical hoops and snags that I’ve heard every student I’ve talked to from each department, where usually one or two individual unit requirements haven’t truly been accounted for.

It shouldn’t take the entire quarter for a student’s Degree Progress Report to update.

One example for why this can take so long is that Deborah Goman, the C.L.A.S.S. transfer and graduation advisor, has to look at and approve individual student’s DPR’s and various documents and petitions for seven different colleges.

The DPR may say that a student has completed a certain amount of the 150 units, but that’s not always accurate.

If the main document we are using to ensure that we are taking the right classes each quarter, or soon semester, we should be able to expect that document to be accurate and more up to date when we are planning for classes.

Last year, the CSU system increased its tuition.

According to the Chancellor’s Office meeting this year at the Cal State Long Beach, which discussed raising student fees this year, a portion of funds went into hiring more advisors to help students graduate on time.

It is mainly the student’s responsibility to talk regularly with their assigned advisors, their transfer and graduation advisors and the registrar’s office to ensure that they are on the right path to graduating on time.

Various colleges and departments give support in their own unique ways, which poses a problem for consistency.

Sometimes a faculty advisor is assigned, or the college will have advisors hired specifically for that job, like within the College of Agriculture.

While these various advisors are appreciated, the information given is not always consistent.

Students can’t always rely on the accuracy their professors give them, so they will go to different advisors to help them, but may get different kinds of advice.

Students can talk to each other, but each student’s situation is unique.

The school often encourages students to always check with the registrar’s office, which is around a 10-minute walk away from the center of campus, and if you try to call them, you’re usually put on hold for at least five minutes and you end up walking to the office to actually save time.

Each department and college should have a center dedicated to advising students so that the process is much more centralized and streamlined.

If the Bronco Advising Center and Registrar’s Office is the central space, it shouldn’t be so far away.

Hopefully the new CLA Student Center located a bit closer to the school will make this process a lot less of a headache.

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