Finding a calling is often one of the most arduous, stress inducing decisions of any young adult’s life; the transition between finishing high school and choosing a career path in college often leaves people torn.

Going through the paces of an average four-year high school curriculum, there is little in the way of course work to develop your interests and begin considering a career.

As incoming freshmen, college students are pressured to pick a major. Even undeclared students have a limited amount of time to make a choice.

Unfortunately, many people often settle on a major based on perceived income stability, a dangerous gamble that can often lead to an empty sense of purpose.

Some of us are even limited by the desires of our parents, who aim to dictate our path in an often good natured but selfish way.

Even those of us who are fortunate enough to have understanding parents who support our endeavors can struggle to find a viable career path.

It goes without saying, but everyone is different. Some of us value and prioritize certain things over others.

It is almost impossible to cook up a one size fits all formula for what makes for a fulfilling career, but without a doubt there are at least two key ingredients: passion and self-sustenance.

We have all taken a course or done a job where we dread every minute of the experience, and in contrast, we have all, presumably, taken a course that we felt privileged to be in.

Whatever the factors are, something about our inner-nature gravitates toward certain tasks or work. This intangible motivating force is passion.

Self-sustenance is more self-explanatory; it is the ability to fend for yourself, to live comfortably without financial stress.

These are both incredibly important factors to consider when pursuing your career.

Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post

Nobody wants to be a societal leech or live with their parents after college, because they pursued a degree that ended up being unfruitful.

And similarly, nobody wants to be in a nightmare job where you feel like your soul is being drained by the hour, yet you cannot leave because your livelihood depends on it.

Obviously, these are all extreme ends of the spectrum, but they are the realities plenty of people, including college graduates, face in the career market.

Ignoring either of these factors can lead anyone to create their own personal hell.

As we grow older and navigate life, we find that a staggering amount of people do not know what they are doing.

People seem to fall into place and find their callings randomly, almost out of the ether, and for those of us who roam without a purpose, this can seem disheartening.

And even once we think we have figured out our calling, sometimes the feasibility or financial stability of our desired path presents a sense of anxiety.

However, despite how out of the ordinary or silly our career choice may be, if you are truly passionate about a calling you will pursue it despite roadblocks, undeterred.

On the other hand, some people never find something that quakes their inner being with fascination, a true passion. Cliché statements such as “follow your dreams” are not applicable here.

For those of us who fall somewhere in between there seems to be a lot of self-doubt about our choices, whether it be because of passion, self-sustenance or societal pressures.

These insecurities can sometimes cripple people and cause them to never truly be happy with themselves, leading to many destructive habits or behaviors.

Ultimately, there is no true all-encompassing formula to being completely happy with your career choices, but these are all things we should contemplate all the time; even if we are completely content, we should analyze what factors contribute to our happiness.

In leaving our choices unchecked, we can never truly understand what makes a life worth living.

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