Stop walking and texting

By Chelsea Mazer

Imagine this: You’re walking to class and are minding your own business.

You may have headphones on while listening to music or be on the phone talking to a family member or friend.

Out of nowhere someone walks right into you because they are not paying any attention to where they are going.

Why aren’t they paying attention? It’s because they are texting, scrolling on social media or playing a game on their screen while walking.

Using your phone while walking is such a common thing to see nowadays, but unfortunately it has become a plague of mindless wanderers who hardly look up long enough to see which way they need to go.

College students, especially students at Cal Poly Pomona are always so busy commuting to and from campus and also commutingback and forth across campus every day.

Oftentimes students are walking out of class with their phone in their hand and then keep it in their hand until they reach their next destination.

Not only can this be dangerous because they might run into something or someone but they are also at risk of not paying attention to the roads or crosswalks while they are walking.

In an article in the New York Times, a study states that in 2016 there was a nine percent increase in pedestrian deaths in the United States, with a total of 5,987 people, making it the highest number since 1990.

The Governors Highway Safety Association stated that the reason for that spike in pedestrian deaths could be accredited to the constant increase of smart phone use across the country.

Pedestrians who are distracted by their phones can take up to 18 percent longer to cross the street orpay attention to where they are going than pedestrians who are not on their phones while walking.

In the article there was talk of a law that would ban texting while walking but nothing of the sort has come into affect since it was written last November.

At CPP, some students thinkthat there should be regulations on where and when students can use their phones while walking around.

“I have been bumped into more times by people on their phones than I have anything else,” said fourth-year psychology student Ali Mendoza.

“It is so frustrating having to be on alert all the time to avoid getting ran into by someone who is more interested in their phone than their surroundings. I know some people want to be connected to their phones at all times but there really is a time and place and walking around campus isn’t either of those.”

It has become a plague of mindless wanderers who hardly look up long enough to see which way they need to go

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

It has become a plague of mindless wanderers who hardly look up long enough to see which way they need to go

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