How you can stand with Dreamers

By Paula Fuentes

There are currently about 700,000 undocumented immigrants protected under DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Democrats have been hard at work to protect and ensure that the Dreamer’s can stay in this country, but after a temporary government shutdown and a few drafts, it seems that Congress has taken a step closer to a final decision.

On January 25, the White House presented its latest proposal which would ensure Dreamers, both current and those who have not yet applied to the program, citizenship over a 12-year period, as well as a $25 billion budget for a wall and border security.

Although the deal is not yet approved or confirmed, it seems to be the most accepted draft thus far from both Republicans and Democrats, nevertheless it is far too early to declare victory for Dreamers, and the advocacy for them should be far from over as well.

The immigrants covered under DACA are forced to live their lives without true certainty of when and if their future will change drastically.

They continue their education, jobs and day-to-day lives.

It is important to not forget about the issue, or let it get buried under all the other new or pressing issues we are faced with.

These individuals must feel protected and supported, and unfortunately as our government fails to do so, we must each take on a part of the role, big or small, to stand with the Dreamers.

Luckily, the DACA students have a full force of support and fight behind them.

Over the past few months, as we see our president’s stance and opinion change day-to-day or tweet-to-tweet, there have been countless organizations such as United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led community in the county, and individuals rising up in support of the Dreamer’s right to stay in the country they call home.

Students can call or write their house representatives or congress members to let them know why DACA individuals deserve to continue living the only life they’ve known in the U.S.

Organizations such as United We Dream, Define America and National Immigration Law Center are a few great places that people can get current information about DACA. Showing support for these organizations makes them and their message louder.

These organizations also plan plenty of rallies and marches, which are also a great way to turn the support for these people into action.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking and knowing many individuals under DACA, and although everyone’s story is different one thing remains. The majority of these people do not know any other place as home.

Although born in a foreign country these individuals were too young to make their own choice of leaving their country of origin to come to America.

As students, we must make our campus inclusive and a safe place for DACA members. That means attending workshops and teachings on campus to educate ourselves, and support others.

Cal Poly Pomona has made their stance and presence for the Dreamers very clear from the beginning of the threat.

Constant e-mails to students and messages from President Soraya M. Coley are great examples of a campus and individuals in higher positions that see the issue, and are reaching out to give these students comfort and reassurance in any way possible.

The Bronco Dreamers Resource Center has served over 700 students since it opened in Spring of 2017, and the number is projected to continue to grow.

We cannot assure what our government and president will ultimately decide for these people, but we can give them support and assurance that they do not stand alone.

Regardless of someone’s immigration statues, they are welcomed, accepted and protected as CPP students.

The university has provided plenty of services and programs on campus for DACA students, such as workshops to educate the community on current issues regarding DACA, creating student support groups like the UndocuAmbassador Program and providing financial assistance for students.

Even if you are not a Dreamer or immigrant, these workshops and programs could still be beneficial.

It is all appreciated and a part of the fight for justice for the thousands of individuals whose lives are at stake.

We can give them support and assurance that they do not stand alone

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

We can give them support and assurance that they do not stand alone

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