School spirit needs a revamp

By Azariah Long

Imagine a campus full of students wearing Cal Poly Pomona jerseys, holding up a CPP banner with their faces painted and full of excitement to cheer on the Bronco sports teams or even attend an ASI event. Unfortunately, this is not Cal Poly Pomona on the weekends.

The CPP campus is quiet and empty during the weekends and does not provide any type of social connections. There is not enough school spirit to encourage the students to be involved in social activities.

ASI needs to come up with more events for students because they want to get involved on this campus. Even though ASI has two to three small events for students per month, these are not enough for students. ASI needs to not only make events available on the weekdays, but weekends as well to help generate school spirit.

Students want more than just Bronco Fusion, the Hot Dog Caper and Homecoming. They want more activities and events to make more memories when they leave the school. Even though these are the biggest events of the school year, the students have spoken, and they want more events.

Movie nights are a great way for students to get connected with other students on a Friday night on campus. Right now, ASI only puts on a movie night once every quarter. Most of the time ASI shows movies during the week when students are in class. On Friday night, students would be able to enjoy a night of fun and snacks.

The school spirit is not only low for ASI events, but also in the CPP’s athletic department. They should be trying to hype students up for the upcoming seasons. Many of the local state universities all have a night called Midnight Madness for their basketball season.

According to the NCAA Basketball Website, “schools across the United States have stayed in tents and wait and camp out for Midnight Madness.”

In addition, during this event, schools hold a three-point shootout, skills challenges and even a dunk contest. This is the type of event at CPP that would not just boost school spirit, but it might even encourage students to attend more athletics events.

To increase attendance, Bronco Athletics should also send out the schedule or an email reminder for students. Having billboards and flyers will not do the trick because people will walk by them and ignore them. Emailing students is the best way to approach this problem because most, if not all, Cal Poly Pomona students check their email.

Through emails, the athletic depart can send out emails letting students know when the games will be held.

ASI and Bronco Athletics can possibly work together to foster more school spirit. ASI could help the sports program by throwing a cook out before the game or even during U-Hour on Thursday before the weekend games.

ASI should hold support rallies outside of the BSC to spread the campus awareness regarding different sporting events.

Having these types of events on campus would improve school spirit. Students would have something to look forward to, and then attendance would improve.

There is not enough school spirit to encourage the students to be involved in social activities

Courtesy of Pexels

There is not enough school spirit to encourage the students to be involved in social activities

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