Ditch politics during holidays

By Jennifer Morales

Politics tend to dominate dinner table conversations and with the holiday season upon us, it is sure to be a hot topic that may leave some with a bitter taste.

Some may opt-out of the conversation altogether with some relatives choosing not to visit due to their difference of opinion.

Other relatives might even go as far to not invite certain relatives.

Should our political beliefs dictate how the rest of our family treats us?

Should it determine whether or not we get a seat at the dinner table?

The holidays are meant to be shared with your loved ones, not to create heated arguments.

However, that’s usually how the holidays go. It’s not very common to go through the holidays smoothly.

There’s always at least one person who leaves with their feelings hurt and this year, it may be a few more.

Yes, the holidays should be filled with music and cheer, but it’s hard for people to enjoy their day when they’re surrounded amongst those who go against what they feel in their very core.

But, then again, don’t you always invite that aunt that critiques your posture, hair and your wardrobe every year?

The same one that always says your grades could be higher and that you shouldn’t be single?

Our political preferences should not dictate whether or not we see our family.

Choosing to not invite a family member may cause resentment.

The holidays should be a time to catch up with family members that we don’t see often.

It is not the time to be discussing current events or President Trump’s Twitter account.

Although political discussions are bound to occur, it’s important to try to shift the conversation to a calmer topic in order to avoid negativity.

Instead talk about family memories, traditions or how people are doing at work.

The host may even send out a group text or Facebook message to the guests that lists what topics should not be discussed.

Bottom line, different political views should not ruin the holiday season in any way.

The holidays are meant to be shared with your loved ones, not to create heated arguments

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

The holidays are meant to be shared with your loved ones, not to create heated arguments

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