American culture is white culture

By Kayla Anderson

Our school boasts that we have one of the most diverse campuses in the state.

The student body is made up of about one third Latino, a quarter Asian and three percent black students.

Similarly, the U.S. is one of the most diverse nations on the planet according to a cultural analysis by Alberto Alesina, an Italian political economist, and other contributors.

One of the unique aspects of life in America is that, for the most part, it is a melting pot of different cultures and identities.

While it is true that America is a country built off the backs and triumphs of immigrants, the phenomena that has become known, as American culture is still mainly white culture.

As a whole, American culture is influenced by other cultures such as of Indigenous Americans, Latin Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans.

This idea of a melting pot was formed early on as other people were brought and moved to the U.S. and worked and developed the land.

The culture was formulated at this time and is the basis for the culture that we have today.

Modern American culture is the culture of the majority, which is why White culture prevails.

White people made this country. When I say this, I mean that Europeans came to the Americas and made the initial settlements that would become this country.

While the majority of the success of the country is built on the backs of indigenous people, slaves and immigrants, the fact still remains that it started with white people.

This history of whiteness in America shaped how this country operates socially, economically and politically.

The widely accepted culture dictates what Americans view as “normal” which separates us as a nation from other cultures.

It’s hard to define typical American characteristics, but we know them when we see them.

Diversity plays a big part in American culture, but it is overshadowed by the ideals of white people.

Since whites are the majority and continue to hold high positions in society, it is their culture that gets reflected back onto Americans from an inside and outside point of view.

When people have this kind of view about the U.S. it erases the identities of the country’s non-white residents.

Some smaller groups in the country adapt some cultural practices from the U.S., while others instead feel isolated.

Social cues and norms from other cultures within the country are compromised.

Instead of having the dominant culture be one that cannot be defined due to diversity, the culture of the country becomes the culture of the majority.

This is an issue mainly for non-white residents, as the white ones tend not to notice that their culture is the dominant one.

The problem with white people identifying White culture is that they benefit greatly from it.

The fact that most institutions, schools, companies and healthcare groups are mainly white people keeps them within that culture.

When there’s an opposing cultural view that they don’t understand it’s immediately written off as abnormal and it’s harder for them to benefit from it so they don’t adapt it and the culture stays White.

The culture of the majority being in place not only compromises the cultures of minorities, but also causes for much discrimination.

This system values one culture over others, which makes it hard for some people to adapt and fit in.

The purpose of diversity is so that people can gain knowledge from others’ perspectives and become more comfortable with other cultures.

The Cal Poly Pomona website even says that the benefits to having diversity makes more worldly, socially developed and knowledgeable students that are more prepared for school success.

I think that it is important for people to recognize the origins of culture in America in order to change it.

First people must realize that American culture is White culture.

Then people must understand what white culture is and be able to recognize it in their every-day life.

If people realize that American culture is White culture, then the first steps can be taken to eliminating that idea and striving towards a more homogeneous culture that people think Americans actually have.

Modern American culture is the culture of the majority, which is why White culture prevails

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

Modern American culture is the culture of the majority, which is why White culture prevails

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