Shuttle away your parking problems

By Fredy Ramirez

Taking the train to school sounds like a good idea.

Avoiding traffic and the horrible parking situation at school would put a smile on anyone’s face.

The good idea lasts only a few seconds when you come to a sad realization; Cal Poly Pomona doesn’t have a train stop within walking distance, and doesn’t offer shuttle rides from the nearest train station.

Community colleges, such as Pasadena City College (PCC), offer shuttle rides yet our university does not.

You would think the university’s administration would jump at the chance to improve the parking problem.

The current shuttle service provided at CPP only offers transportation around campus.

Although these shuttles are useful because of the hills most students walk to get to class, students must reach campus first and find parking before being able to board a shuttle.

Reaching campus is starting to become a problem because of the construction on Interstate 10. A commute that once took me 15 minutes, now takes me 25.

Taking the train to school could improve your commute and reduce the time you spend in traffic.

However, once you get to the train station, you are inconvenienced by the fact that you still need to figure out how to get to campus.

You need to arrive two hours before your class starts just because the parking situation is horrible.

A shuttle service from the nearest train station could alleviate that problem.

That is an extra hour of sleep; time to do homework or anything else you may desire.

California State University, Los Angeles provides an extensive shuttle service program that does more than picking you up from the train station.

The shuttles travel from various off campus locations to bring students to campus.

A shuttle program can’t solve the parking problem, but can offer a better commuting alternative for students.

CPP’s parking problem could benefit from replicating PCC’s shuttle system.

Then, there would be some progress in mitigating the parking situation.

An additional 300-600 parking spots during peak hours at Cal Poly makes finding parking a little bit easier.

If the results are doubled, then the shuttles service begins to make a dent in the parking situation on campus.

Some will argue that adding a shuttle service would increase tuition at CPP.

New shuttles would need to be bought and the upkeep of the shuttles would also cost money.

However, the revenue generated from parking passes at PCC covers the cost of the shuttle service according to Peter Benson from the department of transportation at PCC.

PCC’s permits cost about $90 less than CPP’s.

CPP could potentially be able to find money from the parking permits as permit prices increased over the last year.

Metrolink trains already run to Pomona, and there will be a gold line extension opening in Pomona within the next few years at the same location according to Foothill Gold Line.

This would give the opportunity to students who live further to take the train.

Now is the perfect time to offer an alternative form of transportation and begin to draft a plan for a more extensive shuttle service.

Taking the train to school could improve your commute and reduce the time you spend in traffic

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

Taking the train to school could improve your commute and reduce the time you spend in traffic

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