Reading: Benefits more than children

By Jocelyn Oceguera

Adults encourage children to read, and have every reason to do so, but we should expect the same from ourselves.

Whether your favorite book is written by Ernest Hemingway or Joan Didion, Stephen King or J.K Rowling, Charles Dickens or Alice Walker, who are among the best writers in history, we owe it to ourselves and to the younger readers we encourage, to pick up a good book.

In fact, according to, reading makes you gain a better comprehension about a variety of topics that can come up in your daily conversations.

Reading expands your vocabulary; you become a more eloquent speaker and gain more confidence speaking with others.

In “What Reading Does for the Mind” a study conducted by Cunningham & Stanovich in 1992, it was found that analytical thinking is boosted by reading.

Readers improve their general knowledge, spot patterns more quickly which ultimately gives their analytical skills a boost.

Not only that, but reading can keep your mind busy and give your brain a chance to relax and escape day-to-day situations that may cause us stress.

Per, with an estimated 350 million people suffering from depression globally, reading leads people to take their mind off of their depression and can get creative juices flowing.

For college students, reading something other than textbooks can cause us to focus better on what we are actually learning.

By reading books you enjoy, you can begin to notice details and nuances that can benefit you at work and in school.

Most of the films and television shows you love are inspired by books anyway, so by reading anything popular and known, you’ll get both experiences.

You’ll get the details that the book provides, giving you a chance to use your imagination and get lost in the book that you are reading.

Then when you watch the film or the television show, you can follow closely and see what they added and what they used from the book.

This can lead to you forming a better opinion on what you are watching.

Since reading causes your creativity juices to flow and your imagination to kick in then you might even get inspired to write and to create.

Your next million-dollar idea can come from reading a book and using that thought to turn nothing into something.

According to the blog Start Getting Rich, books such as “Think and Grow Rich” have actually inspired people into changing their lives and bettering themselves financially.

With a list full of people sharing their stories you can see the impact that picking up a book has done for them.

It is understandable for people to find reading boring and to be ‘too tired’ to pick up a book, but think about how easy it was for us to pick up a book when we were kids.

All you need is that one book that catches your attention.

Since I can remember, adults have spent so much time talking about how important it is for kids to read because it boosts their vocabulary, their talking skills and how it does so much.

We owe it to ourselves to pick up a good book

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

We owe it to ourselves to pick up a good book

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