Professors need updated classrooms

By Eviana Vergara

Everyday people are talking about the latest tech innovations within industries, such as transportation, health and telecommunications.

However, while students are also adapting to these advances in technology, professors should follow suit in classroom environments.

Over the past few decades, campuses across the country have grown from chalkboards to whiteboards to interactive whiteboards.

Using technology in a classroom setting is a necessity in today’s age, and professors should hop on the tech train before it’s too late to catch up.

Millennials have grown up with technology from a young age and are better at adapting than the previous generation, but anyone can learn about how new devices work if they’re open to learning.

As new technology is being implemented within universities every year, professors should attend trainings that support them in how to use applicable techniques in their own lectures.

By using the available platforms like Blackboard, it allows students and professors to be on the same page.

Students can check their grades, have access to important documents and turn in assignments online.

Cal Poly Pomona has a plethora of online resources available to students and faculty.

Other aspects of the university that are adapting to this fast-paced digital era include the library.

Now, students can text any library staff for information within the vicinity of the building and receive a response quicker than emails.

Taking advantage of these tools can provide more opportunities to students when entering the work force because employers are looking for people who are versatile in knowing the latest technology.

Employers already expect potential candidates to know how to use programs like Google Chrome or Microsoft Office.

Students are always in the know about the latest applications or when the new iPhone will be released.

There are companies in the process of creating self-driving vehicles, and on campus there are still professors who use PowerPoint as their main source of providing information.

Thankfully, the Internet is the best thing to happen since sliced bread, and instructors are not restricted in the creativity of their presentations.

They have access to issues and topics going on in real time that they can display in class, which was not always available to them.

Fortunately, students at CPP get an advantage by being part of a polytechnic university because they incorporate other aspects of technology that can be applied in various fields of study.

I understand that some professors have been teaching for a long period of time, but it’s crucial that they adapt to their audience.

Being part of a diverse university, professors need to take into account all the learning styles and try to cover all the bases.

Some lecturers use clickers, online discussion boards, videos or interactive websites within each course.

Students, like myself, learn best by using visual aids to process information in different ways.

When professors explain abstract concepts in class, it helps to see it applied in real life or in a visual diagram to see how two things connect.

These are great examples that I can refer back to when remembering part of a topic that was taught in class.

I usually tie the concept back to videos or other tools used.

This makes for great learning and collaborative classroom environments where pupils can engage in the course materials that they are familiar with.

Professors can also be an example in explaining how to access reliable information from the Internet.

Sometimes, it may be students who haven’t had much luck with using new updates in technology, so it helps to have someone that they can refer to for help.

It’s a learning process on both sides.

Although some lecturers are still new to the tech train, it’s not too late for them to start to implement some new techniques.

Using technology in a classroom setting is a necessity in today

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

Using technology in a classroom setting is a necessity in today’s age

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