Millennials are not ruining the world

By Emily K. Cohen

Anyone who does a Google search on Millennials will encounter a reoccurring theme: Millennials have become widely hated and are to blame for many different things.

An example is in an article published by the Atlantic in 2016 titled “Why do Millennials Hate Groceries?”

It seems like a pretty strange accusation because there is no way a person from a more than 20-year time span can hate something as basic as groceries.

Millennials are the innovators of the future.

They have had to adapt to a myriad of changing expectations regarding the professional world, finances, parenting, technology and becoming an adult.

Generation X, the generation that came before the Millennials, was notorious for being labeled as “slackers.”

Millennials have gained a reputation in which they think that they are above hard work, so many people approach them in the workplace with a preconceived notion that they will resist challenges and criticism.

Thus, many millennial college graduates are landing on their parents’ couches rather than in a good paying job.

A 2015 study published by Newsweek stated that Millennials made up 40 percent of unemployed people in the United States.

This presents society with a problem that there are generations who are reluctant to give Millennials a real chance to be a professional in the present work world.

The truth is Millennials do have obsessions with some pointless things, social media and Starbucks to name a couple; however, they are savvy enough to turn luxuries into ways to make money.

Shama Hyder, for example, is a Millennial who started a social media marketing company called Marketing Zen in 2009 with just $1,500.

The company is now worth millions of dollars.

Many Millennials are willing to work very hard, once the rest of the world will let them.

Their version of hard work may not look like the Baby Boomer generation’s hard work did, but that is how life is for each incoming generation.

Millennials want to change the world, so the older groups in society should embrace what this thriving group has to offer.

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