College is more difficult for the students of 2017

By Chloe Saunders

There are a million articles about how hard it is to get into college today, but people rarely discuss how hard it is to be in college.

I’m not saying current college students necessarily work harder, but there are various factors and demands that make modern college more laborious.

A study from Georgetown University (2015) discovered that over 70 percent of college students work while going to school, and 25 percent of students are employed full-time.

During this study, a student working full-time earned $15,080 annually, if they were paid in accordance with federal minimum wage.

This is clearly not enough to live off of for any college student since this could only potentially cover tuition for a public institution.

Many students live on their own, so they are then forced to pull out loans, which just adds to the pressure that they are undergoing.

Often, these jobs are just to survive and don’t even relate to a planned long-term career.

It is no longer enough to just have your bachelor’s degree; you must have work experience before you even start working.

Going beyond the stresses of work and school, students are also more involved with social movements and politics.

No matter if you agree or disagree with the different ideas coming from college students, it is undeniable that there is a strong passion for their beliefs.

It may be a choice to be involved with the many different movements, but with modern students being the social media generation, it is hard to avoid being revved up along with the rest of your friends regarding a cause.

There are a couple things that someone can do to ease their struggles.

If you are working a job with a lot of hours, try to take as many night classes and online classes as possible, so that you can balance out your day.

Make sure to never use loans for frivolous and unnecessary things.

Always be careful with selecting jobs because even a job as an administrative assistant at minimum wage can lead to organizational skills, which can be added to your resume.

These learned skills from minimum wage or entry-level jobs can benefit in a multitude of careers.

Make sure to limit the time spent with technology and social media because it can add excessive content to your lives.

College has gotten but difficult but with focus anyone can be sure to make it through.

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