Costumes: Women need choices

By Paula Fuentes

Every Halloween, it seems like the costumes for women cannot possibly get any sexier, yet year after year companies find a way to do so.

This year’s new addition includes a sexy goldfish.

Women are faced with society’s pressures to live up to constant expectations and ideals on a daily basis.

But for some reason on Halloween these expectations seem to peak on the idea of over-sexualized and provocative costumes.

Turning things that were never meant to be sexy into unexplainable sexy costumes seems to be the goal for Halloween costume vendors.

It’s challenging to avoid female representation in ads, in the media or in the roles we’re expected to fulfill in personal relationships.

The projection is obvious, whether the costume be a person or a thing that was never meant to be sexy or the difference between a male and female version of the same costume.

The message is clear.

When comparing the same costume between men and women, it seems that all the male ones are covered from head to toe.

The male versions of costumes actually look like uniforms or things that they are actually trying to dress up as.

For example, a cop costume for men will be covered from head to toe and will look very similar to an actual police officer.

The women’s options, however, are either short dresses or a skin tight body suit.

We must think about the messages we are sending the younger generation.

Young girls should not grow up feeling like they must dress up to be sexy or dress up to show skin for Halloween.

Unfortunately, we see the sexualization of female costumes everywhere, even for kids.

The American Psychological Association found that the proliferation of sexualized images of girls and young women in advertising, merchandising and media is harming girls’ self-image and healthy development.

Society should shift its message.

Instead of giving women an expectation of sexiness they must be, we should encourage confidence and self-love, so women can feel proud to wear whatever they choose.

If women want to be sexy for Halloween, celebrate them.

And if women decide to be covered from head to toe or be a scary zombie, let’s celebrate them as well.

It’s also important to address that women are often caught in a dilemma when they are trying to find the appropriate level of sexiness for society’s standards.

There are also many times where women are encouraged to dress down their sexual appeal and are often criticized for their confidence in their own bodies or choice of dress.

The frustration comes from having others project their approval of when and where women should dress sexy.

Encouraged for Halloween, yet judged throughout the year.

This is not to say that I am discouraging those who choose and enjoy being a bit sexy for Halloween, I am encouraging the idea that it is not the only choice.

It’s important to shed light on the small inequalities that women are faced with in different points of their lives.

And the choices provided for a Halloween costume are just one of the many obstacles that we must voice our opinions on to try to change society’s norm.

Women need more costume choices

Courtesy of Pexels

Women need more costume choices

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