Free speech; free language

By Jennifer Morales

We live in an exceptionally diverse country that should be appreciated.

Unfortunately, there have been major controversies that have mainly attacked minority groups.

These controversial issues have been stirred up by our President and by people who speak their unfiltered minds by not caring about who they harm.

Countless rallies, numerous protests, deportation policies and the talk of the wall have all instilled negative thoughts within our society that some feel it is okay to act upon.

These acts of hate and injustice that have been created toward minorities have translated onto school campuses.

A recent viral video showed a high school teacher telling three students to speak “American” when she heard the students speak Spanish.

If this is happening on school grounds, then where are we protected?

School campuses should be a place where students can feel protected.

It should not matter if students speak Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic or Russian.

They should be institutions where students are free to speak any language they please and speak their language with confidence and pride.

In Europe and Canada, people are encouraged to learn and speak up to at least three languages because it is seen as an advantage.

They are free to speak multiple languages on school grounds, at their workplace and anywhere they please without judgment.

Unlike in Europe and Canada, some Americans do not see being multi-lingual as a prestige, instead students are ridiculed in front of their fellow peers by their own teachers.

That is not right.

Students go to school to get an education and better themselves for the future.

They should not feel the need to hide who they are or the language they grew up speaking.

This may leave many students afraid to embrace their cultural background and strictly stick to speaking English in public.

Instead, speaking multiple languages is an advantage because many jobs now employ those who speak more than one language.

Also, it allows many to have an open mind to connect and familiarize oneself with other cultures, which opens up a portal to a world of diversity.

It allows others to become aware of other cultures outside of their own.

However, hiding should not be an option.

It should never be an option.

The word “should” is used many times throughout this because this should be addressed.

This should give students the strength to ignore those comments.

This should not be an issue.

All students have the right to be and speak anything they please.

It is a way many feel connected to their roots.

This creates diversity in our society and should be embraced and seen as a positive.

It should not be bashed and make those who speak multiple languages feel alienated and ashamed.

Students should continue to communicate in the language they feel comfortable in.

They should not let anyone tell them otherwise because they have the right to publicly speak as many languages as desired.

Free speech; free language

Courtesy of Pexels

Free speech; free language

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